Ruby’s Massage and Beauty Spa: Your One-stop Beauty Boutique

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Sicklerville, NJ: Hidden in Tuscan Village is a boutique spa offering Massages, Facials, Expert Waxing, Eye Lash Extensions, and Make-Up Artistry. You can come in like a damsel in distress and come out like a beauty queen. Grace Yuan is the Owner and Operator of Ruby’s Massage and Beauty Spa. “We offer Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Relaxed Body Massages that many of my clients say surpass any of the services they received at other spas.”


I took the time to schedule an appointment and try it out for myself. After kayaking 5 miles down a windy river, I had a little tension on my left shoulder. I could have went to a chiropractor, but I would find them too rough. I got a deep tissue massage and it loosened up the tension on my left shoulder. I was amazed. I am a spa enthusiast and have been to several top-notch spas from NYC to Miami and so far they are my favorite.


Ruby’s Massage and Beauty Spa uses her Holistic Medicine knowledge to understand many of the reasons for stress and tension. I’ve been to a few spas, including the isolation tanks in Brighton but the hot stone and deep tissue massages at Ruby’s is definitely one of the best.The homeopathic scent of the spa was an instant de-stressor.  I was amazed she was able to identify exactly where my shoulder was hurting me and proceed to release the pinching pain. I got a nice hot towel that covered my back and I could feel a deep sense of relaxation on my trapezius. It did not go away immediately, but it felt like it released pressure and about 15 minutes later it practically went away.

“Your body knows when something out of the ordinary is happening and this is the way it reacts. The best way to find relief is to help blood flow where the tension is occurring. Massages help circulation. It should be apart of an athletes routine to avoid injury.”

I came back to Ruby’s to feature their spa because of their amazing healing powers only to find that they have an internationally renown make- up artist on call to do bridal make-up and some amazing makeovers.

Below is some of her work:

NatalieWeiMakeUpByNatalie She has even done make-up for commercial ads: OenobiolAd

You can enjoy this luxury yourself by visiting:


Book your appointment by calling (609) 481-8856


Ruby’s Massage and Beauty Spa:

Tuscan Village Shopping Center

3101 Rt. 42 Sicklerville, NJ 08081


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