The Season Giving Reason to Accessories

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Summer is a season of bright colors, minimal material, and accessories. From shades, to toe rings and big floppy hats – your outfit is not complete without a few of the following top summer accessory trends.


Fedoras and/or floppy hats can be the focal point of an overall outfit, making a statement no matter what the occasion. From golf tournaments, beach vacations, shopping trips with your girlfriends or a backyard bar-b-q you’re sure to receive a compliment…or two. These hats are made not only for women but men of all ages and come in so many different styles. – $60

From lovers wearing light weight, laced up, bohemian style sandals to the fighter who wears more of the warrior look – gladiators are the “it” sandal of summer 2015. They come in all styles, lengths and textures – lined with metal buckles, woven laces, leather fringe, and secured studs, no two gladiators will look the same. – $120

Another on trend accessory most don’t know about yet- Kuhfs; the personality for your pants. These lined pieces of fabric come in all shades, prints and textures and all it takes is a pair of jeans/yoga pants and you’re ready to personalize your pants. You simply take the kuhf, wrap it around the bottom of your pants and slide the pin to hold them in place- and “WHALA!”- you have a whole knew take on your outfit. Best yet, the company Kuhfs just started a Brand Ambassador program where you’ll be able to expand the Kuhf experience to all your friends and family. – $48

Speaking of cuffs, it is a promise that you will be sure to see gold and silver arm cuffs at all festivals, concerts and parties. With the overall feel of such activities being free spirited, feminine and fun these pieces are sure to accentuate any garment and activity. – $110

Last but surely not least if you’re thinking about partaking in any outdoor activity you will most likely need a pair of sunglasses. Although sunglasses are always an essential, they’re on trend more than ever with the new designs, prints, and styles always coming to stores. From circles and metallic to your iconic and ever so popular wayfarers. – $260

With these five trends you will be sure to receive compliments and questions on where you got such a trendy accessory no matter what the occasion!

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