Fitness Fueled by Fashion

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There is something inherently human about the need to express one’s self. There is something beautiful, raw and energy-driven about the craving to convey one’s own sense of style.

We adore the work put out by brands such as LuLuLemon, where aesthetics and athletic apparel come to intermingle. When it comes to living an active, healthy lifestyle, more and more brands are stepping up their game when it comes to workout gear. It’s a trend shift to be celebrated, that’s for sure; Lululemon’s True Self Crop and American Apparel’s Unisex Flex Terry Headband will surely remain staples in our athletic wardrobes. There is, however, one question that comes to mind; in the midst of a fashion-fueled fitness uprising, how can we set ourselves apart?

Enter Kuhfs: a brand that enables us to understand the true meaning of personal style, even at the gym. What we love the most about this accessory is how it enables us to go from working out to grabbing lunch with friends, without sacrificing self-expression.


Designed exclusively by Amy Olson, a designer out of Chicago, IL, Kuhfs are produced in small batches in order to preserve personal style and exclusive wearbility.  Attach a unique pair to your favorite workout pants, and you’ve got yourself a killer combination of moxie and motivation.
Kuhfs is taking the international fashion industry by storm. Check out the Best Sellers collection to transform the rest of your wardrobe; they pair amazingly with knee-high boots! It gets better: enjoy free shipping and accessible prices that will keep your heartbeat as calm as a lifelong yogi.
For a post-workout treat, indulge yourself with the softest lounge-wear pieces such as the No. 1 Criminal Triblend Tank by Lamp Apparel.
These bad boys not only bring the perfect balance of comfort and style when you are ready to deactivate, but actually become softer with every wash. For the month of July, you can even receive 10% off of all online orders with the promo code: LAMP10.
Now that we have covered all the must-haves in athletic apparel, it’s time to finally rejoice in the alignment of fashion and comfort (we’ve been waiting for this); and with a new means to proclaim your personal style, it’s never felt better to keep moving.
Style contribution by Sarie Waseem, IL Moda PR


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