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Michael Costello Pre-Fall Capsule Collection Launch Party and Interview.

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This past Thursday, I had the honor of being invited to the extremely talented, Michael Costello Launch Party, debuting his Pre-Fall Capsule Collection. Located in the heart of Downtown L.A. at Costello’s Showroom, the event was nothing but pure elegance and glamor. It took place later in the evening and the invitation expressed that black attire was requested. Walking up to the event all you could see was the flashes from photographers at the step-and-repeat in the foyer of the building. After checking in with the guest list services and taking your photos, you walk up a marble staircase that opens up the the party in which was decorated with all white curtains and spotlights. At the top of the staircase, there was a gorgeous cake in the shape of a dress form with Costello’s name along with his PR firm that was putting the event on. As you walk to your right, you would find you way to the open bar that served wine and lightly mixed beverages along with light hors d’oeuvres. If you were to walk to the left of the stairs, you’d find yourself inside the full showroom with hanging installations of  Michael’s Pre-fall Collection. With at least 10 dresses hanging throughout the room, all of which were impeccable. All had that traditional Costello touch to them – floor length gowns with exquisite beading, shoulder pads, tantalizing cutouts and plunging necklines, each were made out of the most feminine fabrics. Making your way through this room you find your way to a back room where you’d see a display of Costello’s bow-ties created for men along with a display created for the House of Borel- a faboulous brand of small structured hand bags and cross-body purses that Michael had paired with for his Pre-fall Collection. There was a very fun interactive “selfie” station set up brought to you by the Selfie Station company where guests could group together and strike a pose as the party was going on behind them. All the while, a looping video of Michael Costello’s latest runway show was being projected on the back wall for all party goers to view. Other attractions the party presented was a live performance by Grammy Award Winner Melanie Fiona along with live models posing for photos wearing Costello’s Pre-fall Capsule Collection.


The abeyance of the entire night was extremely elegant. Attendees were dressed in their finest black attire. Looks ranged from floor length fitted gowns resembling Costello originals to cocktail length party dresses. There was a romantic feel to all the ladies’ make-up and hair. The vide of the party seemed more of an Old Hollywood Glam feel. The men were dressed in either black dress slacks and button-up shirts or some (as myself) took a different approach and did a high fashion take to black attire and arrived in cool black jackets, or a mixture of the L.A. street style elevated to evening wear by mixing a form of dress pant with tanks and tees layered with leather jackets or blazers. Everyone in attendance made sure to leave the house prepared with their finest jewelry and shoes to top off their all black inspired looks. With the overall invited being stylists, bloggers, models or fellow designers, fashion and uniqueness was at the top of the list. Special appearances being Anastasia of Beverly Hills, Etienne Ortega, Hrush Achemyan– Celebrity Hair/Make-up artists, Nicole Scherzinger, Natalie Halcro, Stanaj, Renee Olstead, Vivian from Hulu’s East Los High and the gorgeous model Zolee Griggs amongst many others.


I had the pleasure to get a one-on-one interview with Michael Costello and this is what he had to say:


What was your inspiration for your Michael Costello Men’s Collection?


“I wanted to design clothing for the men I would kind of want to look like really. I love things that are just different! I don’t like the traditional blazer, even though I wear them and I make them, but I like Men’s clothing to be a little more unconventional but not very feminine. I still like it to be masculine with a little bit of androgyny but things that men can actually wear and WANT to wear.”


Who is the ‘Michael Costello Woman’?


“I would definitely have to say that the ‘Michael Costello Woman’ is very sexy. I know that she is very confident. She is a Woman, Girl, Movie Star, Red Carpet Queen, she’s a Glamazon, she’s everything. She loves to wear beautiful dresses with sexy cut-outs, low plunges, and high slits.


People only think I make things for models, but I LOVE making things for curvy women too because they fill out the dresses AMAZINGLY!”


Besides high-end dresses and red carpet gowns, do you see yourself in the future creating more day-wear and casual, ready-to-wear pieces?


“Sure! In the future you know, God willing, everyone will get the opportunity to have a little piece of  Michael Costello ready-to-wear. I know a lot of our clients and people that want to shop with us cant always get the couture custom gown. So eventually we want to be able to give them something within the $200-$400 cocktail price range.”


So I know you have styled a ton of celebrities, actresses and models. Who is the one person you haven’t styled yet, that you are dying to get to?


“To be honest with you, I don’t know how to style. I have never styled anyone. I don’t know how to do it, when to do it, what to put with what. I just love to make the gown and make the dress and let the stylist come in with the Celebrity,  have them try it on and them accessorize it.


I would say, I would be the worst stylist in the whole entire world, because I don’t know what to put with what.


BUT, to answer your question, I have never worked with Angelina Jolie and I would literally, probably, bend over backwards in order to work with her and do something cool with her. She is just the epitome of sex appeal.”


In the next 5-10 years, where do you see yourself? Where do you see your name, your brand, where would you like to have your pieces be featured?


“Well you know, wherever God decides to take me. Or what ever doors God decides to open up for me that would be wonderful. I mean, I would love to definitely venture off to fragrances, handbags, designer shoes, you know, all of that. I would love to be able to do all of those things.”


Who inspires you?


“To be honest with you, it may sound a little conceited, but I constantly inspire myself. When I’m working, when I’m in my zone, when I’m in my moment, I’m instantly inspiring myself all the time. I can pick up fabric and drapes and do different things and play with them and I get inspirations for a new collection.


I’m already working on 3 collections and I haven’t event finished Spring which is debuting in September.

So inspiration can just come from a zipper, it can come from a shoe, from hair, a piece of glasses, and that’s what I love about what I do.


What made you get into this industry. What made you say, “Fashion is where I need to be”?


“Oh, I never wanted to get into fashion. I was born with this . There is this difference between people who want to be involved and go to school for it, but when you wake up in the morning and you cant wait to get to work and its the first thing that’s on your mind, you were born with it.


My mom will tell you stories about when I was a baby, 1 year old, drawing on the wall, playing with ponies, playing with barbies, playing with dresses, getting in trouble for cutting my sister’s clothes, that’s a true designer. I never wanted to be a singer, actor, entrepreneur, I love fashion, that’s just me.”


Do you have anything to tell your fans, to inspire them or to get them intrigued in the fashion industry?


“Take chances. Take risks. Be go-getters and don’t take no for an answer. Don’t be an opportunist though. Like Walter Mendez.


Such an amazing person and designer and an amazing pleasure to meet. Please take a chance to look at Michael Costello’s amazing dresses and gowns along with his men’s wear at his web site and instagram listed below!


Instagram: @MichaelCostello

Web: ShopCostello.com

Photography by : Amy Bernadette, email: amybernadette@gmail.com.


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