Summer Sky Creative Agency is Killing the Pop Up Event Game

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In Los Angeles there’s never a shortage of things to do, places to go and people to see. However one agency is taking California’s pop up event industry by storm. Summer Sky, an experiential agency, has successfully implemented pop up events all over the country with hopes to do one thing – make noise. With clients like Foodie Shares, the app that makes ordering from your own personal chef as easy as the click of a button and Gigmor, a musicians only social networking platform, the agency had to find new and exciting ways to garner attention for their clients.

The creative team set out and did what most Angelenos do best – took to the streets. They knocked on local business doors throughout Silicon Beach and asked startups what they really wanted consumers to know about their business. What was their answer? For people to truly know what it was like to experience their products. Whether it be an app, a new gadget, a restaurant or retail store, business owners wanted people to have the chance to try their products and decide whether or not they enjoyed them for themselves.

That concept struck a chord with Summer Sky’s team and they ventured to test the limits of brand awareness through local pop up events. Partnering with Foodie Shares, the agency put on one of the best sunset networking mixers in Santa Monica with over 70+ guests in attendance all with one thing in common – a love of good food and music. Foodie Shares provided the gourmet cuisine prepared by the same chefs making meals for their app and guests were able to test the food, meet the people preparing it and vibe out to live music with a glass of wine.

“These events are really about people having a good time exploring the cool new things brands have to offer,” says Summer Brighton, creative director of Summer Sky. Summer was quick to use her broad sense of creative surrealism to create fun, and quick ways to make big brand impact. Summer continued, “pop up events give digital brands the ability to become real for consumers and have a physical presence in the local market.”

These events allow concepts to become experiments and the results of each event can be measured in the spike in brand awareness that immediately follows. Using this technique, agencies like Summer Sky can put together event strategies that focus on catching the attention of influential bloggers, celebrities and media reps to receive quality reviews as a result. Where else can influential people get free massages, cocktails, music and live art besides one of Summer Sky’s events? Previous events included collaborations with Soothe – the app for on-demand massages and San Francisco artist Lindsey Millikan. “The Zen Den” event focused on bringing peace and tranquility to guests through on-site massages. Guests could have a drink, get a massage, vibe out to music and watch as Lindsey created one of her famed works of art before it’s donation to the San Francisco Children’s Hospital.

So what’s next for the events produced by Summer Sky? Maybe a couple trapezes, an experiential water show and a nature walk. Oh, and an open bar… there’s always an open bar.

To find out more about upcoming events, visit Summer Sky’s website or follow on social media @hisummersky.

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