The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Washing Your Face

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Washing ones face has been the eternal struggle of lazy girls everywhere for years.  When you’re younger and more acne prone you tend to want to cleanse more often, as to get rid of any unwanted “friends” that have popped up.  As you get a bit older the stress of work, relationships, and attempting to maintain a social life take over, and skincare seems like such a chore.  At the end of a long day a quick and easy cleanser is key, and leaves more time for the important things such as Vino and bad reality TV.


Feast your eyes on some of the lifesaving products that will help you take off that extra makeup at the end of the day:

Ole Henrikson Makeup Remover Wipes $15  -These bad boys not only remove even the fussiest waterproof makeup, but they also smell like a creamsicle. Please don’t eat them although you will be very tempted to.  Leave them by your bed for those nights when laying down staring at the bathroom door with an “I Can’t” face.

Perricone MD Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment $39  -If you don’t wear a ton of makeup and or have more of an everyday look on, this blue bottle shall be your friend.  It doesn’t leave any residue on the skin, and a little bit goes a long way.  Just put some on a cotton round and swipe away the day.

Caudalie Cleansing Water $28 -For those with ultra sensitive skin this is a godsend.  It’s a makeup remover that also adds back moisture and soothes the skin during application, rather then leaving it feeling dry or tight.

Glamglow Daily Cleanser $39  -There are several variations of this everyday cleanser/mask duo to fit most skin concerns.  Put this on dry skin as you would a mask, and then slowly add water to transform the mud into a milkier texture with a clean finish.  I would recommend swiping the cleansing water (Caudalie) over the face real quick before apply the mask, as this product works the best with most makeup off of the face.


The days of feeling guilty for sleeping with makeup on are long gone with these easy products. Wake up feeling refreshed without a pillowcase that is a multitude of colors that were once on your face.


Kay Broch is a LA based Makeup Artist, with an obsession of all things beauty. As a Midwestern girl who always stood out for being different and "eccentric," she has thrived in the land that is California. Her comical approach to life has translated into her artistry both in beauty and writing. With a love of education she thrives to teach readers through her experiences, in hopes of helping anyone feel wonderous in their own beautiful skin. Follow me on Instagram @kbrochmakemeup

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