Visana: Grand Opening of New York’s Swankiest Speakeasy Lounge

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In the early 2000’s David Jaffee, was one of New York’s Nightlife Legends.

You weren’t anybody if you weren’t on his list. . .

Today, he is putting together a swanky lux lounge that will easily become every A-Lister’s favorite.

The owners, David Jaffee and Ross Rachlin are concocting the perfect little speakeasy lounge in the city that never sleeps.

Jocelyn: What makes your lounge unique?

David: We are focusing on healthier alcohol consumption with a speakeasy concept. In the front will be a gluten-free / organic pizzeria and in the back (totally separate concept) will be an opulent speakeasy.There will be a hidden door separating the pizzeria from the speakeasy. The lounge will feature organic liquors (although we will carry the popular brands as well). We will be open until 4am, hopefully 7 days a week. We will install water filters and air purifiers in the venue. Additionally, we will have essential oil scents in the venue.Our goal is to focus on healthier alcohol consumption. We realize people will drink, and we believe they can do so without many nasty side effects. From 3am-4am we will have a “detox hour”, serving coconut juice and healthy juices.

Jocelyn: Tell me a little about the menu. Did you have a chef develop it?

David: We are consulting with a few high-profile chefs. That being said, our menu will be simple and healthy. In the front of the restaurant, we will have regular pizza, gluten free pizza, shaved ices, natural juices, organic coffee and desserts such as homemade raw cacao with Stevia.No high fructose corn syrup. We will not carry any unhealthy sodas. We strive to keep things minimalist and healthy. Things that I would actually want to eat and that I can eat consistently without jeopardizing my health. Specific liquor your serving – Crop Organic Vodka, 4 Copas Organic Tequila, Tru Organic Gin, Koval Organic Whiskey, Papagayo Organic Rum and Art in the Age Organic Liqueurs. We will likely carry those, but nothing is set in stone. We are targeting brands like those.

Mouth-watering Preview of The Menu (Pizzeria menu not listed but it will have gluten-free and non-gluten free pizza, along with shaved ice (no high fructose corn syrup), organic coffee, natural juices and desserts.):


Jocelyn: What kind of adjectives do you want associated with your restaurant Lux, chic?

David: Let’s go with luxurious, modern, exclusive, fun and welcoming.




Jocelyn: When are you opening?

David: We will open in late August 2015.

Jocelyn: What is the capacity of the venue?

David: The venue sits about 60. There is standing room for about 50.

It’s a perfect spot for an attractive crowd to listen to good music and enjoy themselves, while also possessing the flexibility to cater to corporate events.

Jocelyn: I am very happy with your newest venture! I will be there opening night! What would you like to let your potential clients know?

David: We both (Ross) have backgrounds in finance and hospitality. We are hard workers and hope to prove ourselves here and have an opportunity to expand in the future.


Jocelyn Wallace - is a writer, musician, and mom writing and ghostwriting for several outlets about music, art, politics, public policy, health and wellness, and anything that peaks her interest. Follow her on the gram @JoceGracefully.

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