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Have you ever wondered where fashion, makeup, Internet sensations, beauty gurus, and celebrities all seem to join together in a perfect harmony? Well, I’m pretty sure BeautyCon LA is just that place. July 11th was the third annual BeautyCon LA and each year it appears to get bigger and better. Huge brands from NYX Cosmetics to Sprinkles Cupcakes to Barbie all show up for this huge event. Now if you haven’t attended one of the many BeautyCon’s, allow me to tell you just what it’s like.  Imagine hundreds of girls (and a few guys) lined up around a huge downtown block in LA all anxiously waiting to be let into a safe haven for makeup and beauty lovers like themselves.

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It’s a perfect sanctuary for anyone who is an enthusiast of beauty. Not only are they general enthusiasts; there are  tons of celebrities attending this event as well.  BeautyCon “brings fans and creators together in one place” (BeautyCon Media). There were live panels on beauty and lifestyle advice were hosted by Bethany Mota, Zendaya, and Joe Zee.  Also, live performances from Becky G and Zack and Zack.


Not only could guests attend panels and performances but they had a chance to walk around booths for brands like Nasty Gal, Barbie, Mr.Kate, Skinfix, California Donuts, NYX and so much more. Guests could shop, sample, and test out all sorts of beauty and fashion products all day long! And to accompany you in doing so we’re tons of beauty and fashion Icons, bloggers, YouTubers, and activists.It truly was the event of the year for any beauty/ makeup lover.


Homeschooled 15 year old from LA. I thrive to push the boundaries of fashion and society's rules for youth. I like chai lattes and shopping and am currently deciding which of 100 careers to pursue.

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