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5 pieces every girl should have in their on-campus wardrobe

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How did this summer go by so fast?! It seems like just yesterday we were all running out of the classrooms and straight to the beach. However, it seems like the happy days are over and it’s time to soak up the last of those hot summer rays because it’s almost time to go back to school. But fear not, for going back to school means an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and turn more than a few heads with your new outfits! Here are my top five picks for what the college girl either entering or returning to school needs in her new back to school wardrobe:

A trendy pair of sunglasses:


Hannah Park is a sophomore fashion student living the California life in San Diego. She hopes to one day be the CEO of a major luxury fashion label and because of this, she loves writing about big name luxury designers! On any given day you can find her at the beach, on her laptop researching fashion trends or taking advantage of the amazing shopping California has to offer! Instagram: thehannahpark

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