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Columbus has quickly become the art hub of central Ohio. Each year the Capital City hosts its premier art event, the Columbus Arts Festival. Attracting  artists from across the nation, Columbus features both established as well as budding talent. The combination of multiple genres of artistic outlet  highlight the Festival, luring festival goers to the banks of the Scioto River.

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Upon entering the Festival the senses are greeted with musical melodies, flavorful scents, and engaging sights. Performing art tents such as the Sharkey’s Jazz and Blues Club Tent feature many talented groups. Festival goers are treated to the sounds of such groups as the Tim Dvorkin Trio, the Ambrose Soul Trio, and the Colin Lazarski Duo. This musical treat engages  festival goers with wonderful sounds of pure jazz, setting the tone for a complete artistic experience. These groups do not disappoint. Jazz lovers  experience quality sounds and performances.

Known as a family event, The Columbus Arts Festival offers children an opportunity to not only experience but participate in the Arts. Located on the east side of Columbus’s nationally recognized Center of Science and Industry (COSI)  the children’s area encourages children to become involved with a scavenger hunt, an interactive art tent, and theatrical performances presented by the Columbus Children’s Museum. Children of all ages can participate in each activity and feel their creativity come alive. The scavenger hunt proves to be exciting fun as children are given a map, encouraged to collect as many stickers as possible, and awarded various prizes based on the number of stickers collected. Additionally, the  Children’s Theater presents theatrics which incorporate music, dance, and recitation. The interactive tent for children successfully blends technology with the arts to draw upon the energy  and maintain the interest of the children.

The combination of activities for children, music, food, dance, and performances capture  the essence of festival retreat. Strolling along the riverside, festival goers will not be disappointed by lack of variety.  The many genres of art entice patrons and beckon them to explore and interact with the artists. The beauty of the festival is multifold in that festival goers are not only treated to one of a kind beauty through art, but also  a rare opportunity to meet and speak directly with the artists.


One such artist is Natalie Orr. Natalie is a budding artist perched on the riverside ready to share her imaginative expertise with onlookers.The paintings of Natalie draw festival goers in with her use of vibrant colors and relatable themes.  As a young artist Natalie first picked up a paintbrush in 2012. She currently attends the Ohio State University and studies business. She hopes to continue developing her craft while earning a living as an artist by attending art festivals. View more of Natalie’s work on Instagram at

Jayne Akison is another featured artist in the festival. Jayne is a seasoned veteran nestled next to the river ready to greet enthusiast and novice alike. She has been a professional artist for over 20 years. She is a mixed media artist and her current theme is mostly cats. Her work has evolved to whimsical pieces heavily influenced by children’s books. Jayne’s  cheerful clocks are her claim to fame. She encourages young artists through her insistence that you can earn a living doing what you love. Jayne’s vibrant pieces can be viewed at

Representing Columbus’s historic King-Lincoln district for Homeport was well known local artist Mike Fields, along with Quatric Williams, and Deborah Danzy.  Homeport is known for its community outreach programs for local artists.  Mike Fields has gained recognition with his use of oils to create classic images of such iconic film stars like Charlie Chaplin. As a self taught artist, Mike is also known for bringing jazz and athletic greats to life on canvas. He is very well known throughout Columbus and is quickly rising to iconic status.  To view and appreciate Mikes talent visit or visit him at the Homeport Gallery located at 779 E. Long Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Quatric Williams is another creative artist representing the King-Lincoln District. Quatric uses pencil and most recently has began to infuse spots of color in his creations. He too is a self taught artist and is recognized for his ability to recreate famous images on canvas through his pencil mastery. He is most recently featured in the book “Dining with the Ancestors”.  Quatric’s work can be viewed on Facebook at The Art of Qew Fan Club.


Deborah Danzy is the third artist to represent the King-Lincoln District. Deborah uses various mediums to create her images and easily recognizable masks. Her use of color and texture add depth and dimension to her creations and has become a hallmark of her unique artistry. Deborah gains inspiration through daily life and spirituality which fuels her passion to continue to create artful masterpieces. She enjoys releasing her emotions and passion through her work. Her work can be viewed on Instagram under DeborahDanzy.

The Columbus Arts Festival is an annual event that ushers in the summer festival season in the capital city. As artists from all over the nation converge upon the hub, guests and residents alike can anticipate a fun filled family event. The art is displayed for viewing, appreciation, and purchase. Visit the website at and  join the bustling city in June to enjoy a memorable event!


Leasa Simmons has worked for a local public school program in Columbus for over 20 years. She is also co-owner of LEC Concierge. Leasa's most recent endeavor includes launching A Bombshell Style Blog for plus size women over 40 and becoming an associate writer for IL Moda PR. You can look foward to her events and foodie writing!

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