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Fall 2015 Handbag Ideas from the Runways

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Every year fashion lover all around the world wait for the fashion weeks to end. It is always good to see new designers showcasing their talent alongside the established fashion houses. As the fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan came to an end fashionistas applauded the new trends with a penchant. The overall trend seen this year was very chic, from shoes, to bags, to clothes and the splash of color just adds oomph to the fall/winter collection for 2015/2016.
It is impossible not to notice the variety of handbags which were seen on the runways. Some of them made us smile, and some even made us lose our focus from the clothes and solely stare at the model’s hands and shoulders. Read on to see what we mean about these awesome fall/winter 2015 handbag trends.
• Reptile Skin

Image:  Bottega Veneta.com

Image: Bottega Veneta.com

Animal skin was seen everywhere from shoes, bags to even clothes. Some designers who were big on this trend include; Lanvin bags which had slip through straps for added support. Miu Miu showcased large bags with funky chain handles and snakeskin sidings. This time the designers introduced varying colors but most of them stuck close to the natural hues while using all sorts of skins from crocodiles to alligators and snakes. Some of the other designers who playes with animal skin were Proenza Schouler, Bottega Veneta, Elie Saab, Prada, Hermes, and Nina Ricci.
• Easy to Hold Bags

fendi bags

These bags varied in sizes and style, but the easy to grip handbags were a very popular trend this year from runways from Milan to New York. Some of the designers such as Valli introduced long straps along with the top handles, so the bag can be worn on the shoulder as well as gripped from top. Allexander McQueen used splashes of pink with alligator skin and the Dolce & Gabbana bags were along the same lines. Louis Vuitton’s models were seen carrying top handled trunks which are pure love. Some other designers who showcased similar bags include Micheal Kors which used alligator skin in the handles, Fendi with their structured classic design. Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino, Christian Dior and Valentino all included these easy to hold handbags in varying textures, designs and sizes. We love them for their convenience and off course the style they add to any outfit.

• Chained Handles

Available at Salvatoreferragamo.com

Available at Salvatoreferragamo.com

The chained handbag is jewelry on its own, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Although nothing new about the trend but designers introduced colored chains, half leather half chain straps, big chunky chains and some designers such as Balenciaga even added a hue of color to these chains making the bags totally drool worthy. Dior’s stripped bags and contrasting flaps were accessorized with thin silver chain and double strapping. We all know Channel’s loves of chains, this year the chains were entwined with leather. Salvatore Ferragamo, Misha Nonoo and Ellie Saab added intricate chains to furry little bags combining funk and chic artistically.

• The Boxy Bags


These seem to have all the marked qualities of a small suitcase. The models on runways of Louis Vuitton carried them which are something between makeup boxes and tiny suitcases. Some looked like hard cases, whereas others were soft leather, with distinct corners. Alexander McQueen’s pink alligator skin traveler bag was a winner. The bag is feminine, durable and totally chic. Designers such as Karen Walker, Anya Hindmarch and Dolce & Gabana introduced smaller versions of these square bags.
• Messenger Bags

jason Wu-messenger bag
Messenger bags are chic, funky, and always in fashion especially when you have red ombre hair. Not to forget the convenience they bring as you can go completely hands free wearing one of these. Messenger bags were very popular in the summer/spring collections as well and have been carried forward as an overall trend for 2015. Some of the eye catching pieces included those from Channel, Dior and Jason Wu.

• Fur Handbags

These modern pieces were another popular design. From Louis Vuitton to Fendi and Marc Jacobs all introduced furry handbags to take the wintery collection up another notch. Proenza’s collection can be worn all day and not just limited to evenings. Ferragamo did something which sets his collection apart from the rest, the pieces had furry straps which can be wrapped around the arm. Fendi played with colors and presented furry orange messenger bags, very chic compared to the topshops elegant collection. For us, Louis vuitton’s oversized fury bags were the winner, keeping the fashion house’s style and elegance in mind, the bags come with thick handles and thin shoulder bags, so you can carry your fur in any way that you want.

• Cross Body Bags

This trend which entered the fashion scene in 2014 doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. They continue to be one of the most chic and hottest trends among fashion lovers everywhere. Calvin Klein, Proenza, Lanvin, Chloe all made their models carry these totally hand-free fashion must-haves.
• Fringed Bags


This retro comeback is a continuation of the whole 70’s feel which the designers introduced in spring this year. Tassels and fringes don’t come as a surprise at all in the fall 2015 collection. Altuzaarra, Chloe, Moschino swayed us with combinations of saddle backs with fringes on model’s shoulders, braided ropy straps, Tory Burch’s collection is made up of tassels, while Rebecca Minkoff did the full fringe treatment on green suede bags.
• Classic Retro Bags

Micheal Kors_hand bags

Another comeback or forever classic, whatever you might want to call it, but looking at some of these bags was nostalgic. Gucci’s patent double chain bag, Chanel’s entwined leather chains, classics by Dolce & Gabanna are some of fashion houses which showcased these bags. Micheal Kors is another brand which got onto the whole retro bandwagon.
• Envelope Bags

Victoria Beckham
Envelope bags also recently made a comeback; however what was seen as a refreshing change is the splash of color and variety of textures. Victoria Beckham, Vince Cumatto and Lanvin had some of the best envelope bags.

It has never been easier to match your outfit, mood and style. Ladies, there is just so much variety to chose from this fall. One thing which has been common throughout almost all collections this year is that the designers are using more colors. Off course black, white and beige remain the classics but adding a pop of color to the wintery months can lift any outfit up anytime.

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