Fun For Foodies At The Columbus Food Truck Festival

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Food trucks converged upon the nucleus of the city in Columbus, Ohio. Held this year on August 14-16 in the downtown Columbus Commons, food trucks encircled the Commons as well as lined a diagonal corner offering uncommon fare. The Food Truck Festival is a relatively new festival concept, existing a mere five years. The thought of eating food out of a truck may excite some or repulse others. However the uncommon experience is a fun way to bring the meal to those desiring a convenient change to the typical eatery.

The convenience of a mobile kitchen is a given, the festival offers an opportunity for diners to quickly experience many choice meals and desserts. One outstanding feature of the Food Truck event is the variety of trucks represented in the Commons. Trucks offering tofu, bbq, pizza, empanadas, and donuts are a mere sample of what was represented. Cajun, Jamaican, and Mexican zesty flare added to the diversity of the festival.

Interestingly enough the variety of choices included many healthy menu items as well as vegan choices. Past concepts of typical food truck fare are often filled with images of fatty caloric fare lacking nutritional value. The modern day food truck negates that stereotype. Trucks at the festival offered dishes and sandwiches filled with fresh vegetables, coupled with fish, chicken, beef, and pork. Broiled or grilled meat and vegetables colored the variation of preparation. While indulgent favorites such as Columbus’s Late Night Slice and Buckeye Donuts also graced the festival. An added surprise was the local grocery chain, Giant Eagle. Securing a spot amongst  trucks, Giant Eagle offered classic yet tasty deli style sandwiches.

The flavorful beef empanadas of Barroloco Argentine Food were a delicious treat for empanada lovers. Additionally,  the TOFU-cup from  Cupzilla Korean Style BBQ offered a savory bowl of Korean style bbq tofu served with rice and veggies. Another appetite pleaser was found at the Melty Crue gourmet grilled cheese food truck. Filled with cheese, fresh tomato, basil, and  spinach, this spin on the grilled cheese sandwich added a fresh dimension to the growing event.

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This years food truck of the year winner was Hot Chicken Takeover. Bringing the spicy flare of southern style chicken and sides to Columbus from Nashville, Tennessee, Hot Chicken Takeover is considered to be an overnight success of the food industry. Open Wednesday through Sunday at Columbus’s North Market, Hot Chicken Takeover is a local sensation. The chicken is double battered with a range of flavorful spiciness to taste. The sides are southern style ample portions of comfort foods which include macaroni and cheese, and cole slaw. Known for selling out of chicken, it is of no surprise that this great eatery has won The Food Truck of the Year Award.

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Visit them at Columbus’s North Marker located at 59 Spruce St. Columbus, Ohio 43215. For times  and more information visit them on Facebook at

Each meal at the festival would be incomplete without a sweet treat. One of the best ice cream spots could not be detected on name alone; Phillybuster. Located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, Phillybuster listed sandwiches on its menu, such as  brisket, chicken, and veggie. Each sandwich is topped with sautéd mushrooms, onions, and green peppers on a philly roll. Sides included arm weather favorites such as broccoli salad, potato salad, and cole slaw. However it is the ice cream that offers a pleasant surprise to ice cream lovers seeking a cool retreat from August heat.

Phillybuster offered unique and tasty ice cream combination choices. Delicious choices such as Toasted Coconut ice cream and  Wild Blueberry Yogurt gave festival attendees an opportunity to cool off under the summertime sun. Consisting of blended  toasted coconut ice cream,  chocolate covered coconut bits  are thoughtfully folded into smooth layers to satisfy the chocolate lover. On the other hand Wild Blueberry yogurt featured vanilla yogurt with swirls of fresh blueberries and cinnamon granola.  For more information about Phillybuster, visit their website at

Establishing a stronghold as a festival, the Food truck festival added tented vendors for attendees to purchase handcrafted goods from local jewelry makers, clothiers, soap makers, and other crafters. One favorite among crafters was Valerie Long Jewelry. Located in Columbus, Ohio, Valerie Long Jewelry is hand crafted jewelry with vintage flare and a modern twist. To learn more about Valerie’s pieces log on to

Adding to  downtown excitement the festival featured live music. Beginning Friday evening, spanning through Sunday night, live music contributed to a lively festival spirit. Bands featured included, The Deeptones, Lesly James, and DJ Matt Sexton. Attendees were welcomed to bring their chairs, grab a bite, and whisk away into the evening dusk enjoying flavorful grub and melodic music.

Many modern day festivals end with fireworks. The Food Truck Festival was no different. Concluding three days of festivities, attendees are treated to a spectacular display of bright lights in the sky. Fireworks were a nice touch!

Join in the uncommon festival food fun in August! For more information about the Columbus, Ohio Food Truck Festival visit their website at






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