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How to: Maximize Your Wardrobe

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So we all know the feeling of opening our closets FULL of clothes and thinking to ourselves “I have nothing to wear!” Why is this such a common problem among all of us shopaholics? Maybe it is a form of human greed that lies within every one of us, where we are always wanting more. Or maybe it is a lack of definite style that holds us back from buying what we truly need. The reality is that most shopaholics don’t know how to shop to accommodate what they already own. What we tend to do is just buy anything that looks good in the store. These kinds of purchases are usually only worn once or twice because they don’t go with anything else we own. Most people don’t take the time to think about what they already have when out shopping. Keep these tips in mind the next time you shop.

1. Look at your closet before you leave and pre-determine what you need to buy to enhance everything you already own. This way you can find what you need faster, therefore saving time and energy when you are in the store.
2. Sometimes it is better to splurge on something you can wear 100 times rather than buying a bunch of sale items that don’t go with anything you own. Even if you haven’t quite determined your exact style, keeping this in mind is an easy way to maximize your wardrobe.
3. Plan purchases around your wardrobe as a whole, not just for a single outfit. If you do you will only have one outfit to pair the pieces with.

Once you follow these simple guidelines, your wardrobe will seem so much bigger. For me, some staple pieces include ripped boyfriend jeans, a military jacket, a black cardigan, and a white t-shirt. When your clothes go together you will be left with infinite outfit possibilities. And isn’t that what every shopaholic wants?




Allison Wessel is a Public Relations and Journalism student at DePaul University, and founder and president of the university’s fashion organization. She has always had an invested interest in fashion and loves keeping up-to-date with celebrity news and entertainment. In her minimal spare time she enjoys watching Scandal, going on photo shoots around the city with her blogger friends, and working on her far-from-finished novel. She can’t wait to contribute some Chicago street style to SOCIAL and share insight on fashion and entertainment! Instagram: @allisonwessel

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