Innovative Ways People are Bringing Their Art and Music to Life

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When you hear the word “art” you may think of a “do not touch sign,” amid the hushed tones of a gallery or museum. But artistic expression can take on many forms, and these days, artists and musicians are bringing their work to vivid life in innovative and exciting ways.

For example, Michael B. Koep, an accomplished visual artist, award-winning poet, swordsman, touring rock musician and author, is an intriguing example of someone doing just that. A Renaissance man, Koep is known in particular for the creative ways he showcases his novels. He makes a point of mirroring his literary fantasy world when in front of an audience by doing everything from using a quill pen, to performing songs based on his book’s themes, to reading aloud near a busy bus stop, to the occasional sword fight.

His latest novel, “The Newirth Mythology: Leaves of Fire,” is the second title in a thriller fiction trilogy. The trilogy explores the theme of bringing art to life, imagining a world where paintings hold the secrets to the meaning of life and death; and scribbled words can alter the past and reshape the present. Spanning seven centuries, “Leaves of Fire” tells of how a journal has inadvertently changed history and made myths and their characters real. More information can be found at

With a wider scope of media platforms available for expression, multi-faceted artists of all walks of life can use their work to bring communities together, which is what many believe it is for in the first place.

“Art should knit us all together. It should inspire, elevate and excite,”

-says Koep. “I like to think of art as a good conversation that you don’t want to end — so you order more drinks.”




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