Jamie Seel Showroom Opening

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Friday night was the grand opening of Columbus’s newest shop, Jamie Seel, located just a couple of minutes outside downtown in German Village. Jamie Seel is an atelier workshop combined with shop selling high quality designer clothing, handbags, ties, and jewelry. The shop is set up in an old house and decorated beautifully. The grand opening was filled with friends and local bloggers all there to celebrate and shop. The entire place was decorated with balloons as everyone enjoyed refreshments and treats. Her window and table displays were pieces of art that also aloud her to display her products. As you looked around the room you noticed that the ties are hanging as a floating display on the shelves, which showed their movement and all aspects of the fabric. Her clutches, that come in black, white, and brown, were creativity placed on top of mannequin legs showing the flexibility of the leather. There was creativity everywhere you looked, the check out counter had “Fashion should be a form of escapism not a form of imprisonment”- Alexander McQueen quote drawn on, truly expressing the atmosphere of the place. The shop not only serves as a store front but also a design and workshop for Jamie. With two sewing machines, a mannequin, and large work table they are able to produce and sell everything from this one location. Her workshop was open for viewing during the event and you could look at all the tools, sewing machines, and measuring tape that goes into her collections.



Jamie is originally from outside Columbus and attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, also known as FIDM. She studied fashion design and brought back all she learned to start her own workshop here in Columbus. She decided on Columbus because she knew it is a great place to start a business and to get her feet off the ground. All her pieces are handmade here at the shop and almost all the leather comes from a local leather manufacture, Tandy Leather Outlet. Her pieces are uniquely cut and have that simplistic luxury look that is great for so many different occasions. Jamie’s clutches all have a bold gold zipper on them and vary in size so that you can pick which one fits best with your lifestyle. Right now she has clutches and totes, but is excited to be debuting a lined purse sometime this fall. On top of handbags, she also has a wonderful black and white collection of clothing including jackets, shorts, and shirts. Her style is structured, comfortable, and luxurious and Columbus is excited to have a brand just like this. If you don’t live near by, Jamie has a website where you can browse and buy from her collections and follow her on social media. Another place to find Jamie Seel pieces is at the upcoming Fashion Meets Music Festival event in September.


Maudie Banta is a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Columbus. She is building her brand by sharing her philosophy on looking good while saving money and closet space. She has worked for various magazines in Los Angeles and Ohio styling and writing and is an associate writer for IL Moda PR. Follow her on Instagram: @MaudieLloyd or Twitter, or see her website for more information

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