Top 5 Luxury Spas in the U.A.E.

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Summer for most people means pool parties and beach outings. For us Dubai folks, it means hibernating indoors to steer clear of the sweltering heat. With daily temperature rising well over a 100 degrees, the humidity and extreme weather takes a toll on our health, our hair and our skin. Which is why there’s no better way to beat the heat than to induldge in one of the city’s top five spas. After all,UAE isn’t known as the world’s luxury capital for nothing. Here are our top picks:

Armani Spa

Photo Courtesy pf Armani Spa Dubai

Photo Courtesy of  Armani Spa Dubai

Located in the tres chic Armani Hotel, this spa customizes treatments to suit your perfect ritual. Services range from basic body massages to more rituals such as half hour “journeys” which combine heat, humidity and falling water to cleanse mind, body and soul.

The Spa at the Address Dubai

Photo courtesy of The Spa at the Address

Photo courtesy of The Spa at the Address

Take a holistic approach to wellness by opting for treatments inspired by Oriental cultures. With healing techniques taken from Thailand, reflexology and Shiatsu, as well as the unique “rain-dance shower”, you are sure to find a treatment that suits your needs perfectly.

Talise Ottoman Spa


Photo courtesy of Talise Spa

Transport your senses back to the centuries’ old tradition of a Turkish bath – hammam. Located at the five star Jumeirah Zabeel Saray hotel, Talise’s “snow room” treatment is a must try. Based on Finnish tradition of rolling in the snow, benefits include a higher metabolism and detoxification which improves skin tone as well as prevents wrinkles and cellulite.

Assawan Spa and Health Club

Photo courtesy of Jumerah Hotel

Photo courtesy of Jumerah Hotel

Situated in the iconic Burj al Arab, Assawan combines a traditional Middle Eastern ambience with modern treatments from Aromatherapy, La Prairie and others. Plus, guests are allowed exclusive access to the Assawan Amphitheatre balcony on the 18th floor, where they can take in the mystic Arabian winds or enjoy the view after a treatment.

Cleopatra’s Spa and Wellness

Photo courtesy of Cleopatra Spa

Photo courtesy of Cleopatra Spa

Take lessons from the ancient Egyptian diva herself. Located at Pyramids, Wafi Mall, unlock Cleopatra’s secrets as you indulge in a 24K gold ritual. If you prefer, transport your senses to Asia as you opt for ancient Ayurvedic treatments or an indulgent Balinese chocolate and coffee body scrub.


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