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Social Lifestyle Cover Party; Hosted by Lilly Ghalichi

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This past Thursday, the beautiful Lilly Ghalichi did us the honor of hosting the Social Lifestyle Cover Party for our June/July Issue. With gracing this issue’s cover, it was only fitting to have her as the host!


The event was held right off of Hollywood Boulevard at Asa Meza . The venue had a very sexy and laid back vibe to it with a main room with bar, dancefloor and DJ set up along with a lovely back garden area attached with a second bar, string lighting, rock fire pits, white lounge couches with black and red plush pillows and reserved VIP areas. This location was extremely fitting for not only the event but also the invitees in attendance. Just to name a few; gorgeous ladies Actresses Phi Tran and Porscha Coleman, Singer Alexandra Amor, Former Victoria Secret Super Model Jessica White, Model Elizabeth Velasquez, Actress Bai Ling and many more. As for the talented and handsome men in attendance;  Designer Walter Mendez, Celebrity Stylist Anthony Cherry, Viva Glam’s Oskar Rivera, Artist Chase Conley, Rapper Reem Riches, Hair stylists- Prince Angel and Jesus, Fashion photographer Tibor Golob, L.A. Designer Andre Emery and many more as well! Most of the night I spent hanging out and chatting with Jesus, Angel and Tibor. Amazing guys and such  great people to be around!


The event was not only star studded but was treated as such with a  red carpet, step-and-repeat that was covered by TMZ and DJed by DJ B Selecta and DJ Papa aka Sonnie O’Ryan, who were spinning the latest hits and upbeat tunes for everyone to bob their heads to and party while socializing and networking.


Lilly Ghalichi made her way in towards the beginning of the evening with a group of close friends who made their way to their reserved VIP area. She looked absolutely stunning in a bodysuit from the NYFW collection of WantMyLook.com layered with a floor length black skirt with a thigh high split created by Michael Costello. As she walked in, heads turned and cameras flashed! Although she looked impeccable as the host, she wasn’t the only one that brought out looks to kill for this event.


The crowd was dressed to the 9’s for this black ties event. The hour glass figure was the silhouette of the evening with many of the women in floor length gowns accented with low backs and side cut outs. A few of the gowns I was able to identify as pieces by L.A. local collection Sanyae Demure along with  looks by Andre Emery. Phi Tran wore an amazing fiery gown with tasteful cut outs and two high splits on each side which create such a great opportunity for the lightweight silk fabric to blow in the wind with every step she took. Jessica White graced the crowd in, another favorite of mine, a well tailored white dress with an exaggerated high split up her left thigh and a plunging deep v-neckline. The men did as expected and treated the crowd with a mixture of velvet, traditional and printed blazers paired with either fitted tees or button up shirts. To my surprise, the idea of wearing smoking slippers and slip on drivers/loafers were a major hit as the guys paired such with jeans along with their blazers. Hairstylist Jesus and Angel gave the crowd something a little different as they arrived dressed in all black layering low cut shirts with komo style jackets accessorized in layered necklaces and rings. I also decided to play rebel to the black tie tradition and wore an original creation, a hunter green and navy hounds-tooth printed jumpsuit with an attached cape over a white button up shirt and bow-tie. To say the least, everyone in attendance was extremely well dressed and beauty was far from lacking at this event.


A win goes to the L.A. Social Lifestyle team of Ali Abouomar and Dre Dynasty for pairing with A-List Group L.A. to take care of organizing and making sure everything went as planned throughout the night! A true success and I cant wait for our next party as a Social Lifestyle Team!


Ever since I was a young boy, I had a love for clothing. I remember walking through various stores just feeling the fabrics and turning the garments inside out just to look at the construction of each piece. I knew that the fashion industry was a creative realm that I had to be part of. With that in mind I made my way through college and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Product Development with an initial emphasis in Fashion Design. I've completed the trek from the Midwest all the way to the Golden State of California to take my place in the fashion world and take a stand for self expression and creativity. What excites me the most about fashion is the opportunity to completely morph yourself into different styles daily! The chance to try new things and set yourself apart from your neighbor. Its a glamorous and fascinating world. Through my written word, I hope to express my passion and the love I have deep down for fashion world. I also want be that helping hand for all of those that know they have it in them to be trendy and chic but may not know just exactly what to put together, from the items within their closet to execute successful daily looks. I hope that my words are helpful, encouraging and most importantly, helps to build confidence within each reader!

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