Three women, one voice within the South Asian-American community.

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Within a community so diverse yet so similar, three South Asian-American women get together for the Teen Saheliyaan Show every Monday for a light-hearted conversation on relevant topics that affect the South Asian community.

Minnie along with her two close friends Sadiqa and Shama all come from different backgrounds bringing to the show a diverse outlook on topics and interesting twists in conversations.  The three ladies come from different Asian countries and different religious backgrounds yet all find a common ground bringing controversial topics like female infanticide, crimes against women, and the problems South Asian’s still have within their joint family system.   Minnie and crew are not afraid to bring up topics that are usually not discussed outside the family circle.

The one hour show airs live every Monday on New Jersey’s EBC Radio 1170 AM and is quickly capturing attention of a growing audience as the NRI (Non-Resident Indians) “talk of the town”.  Minnie Sethi, the producer and founder of Teen Saheliyaan says “We always wanted to do a show about South Asian women; their entertainment, education and emancipation which gives them a better position in today’s society”  The one-hour show starts off with a discussion on a single topic relevant within the community.  Afterwards, they open the lines to callers to share their views and opinions.  The show, though hosted by women, has a diverse audience including men who call in regularly to voice their opinions on women’s topics affecting their family & community.  “Both Men and women listen to the show and that is a great indication of shows success as there is no male bashing here.” says Sadiqa, co-host.

Minnie keeps the show running smoothly with her bold yet bubbly personality and entrepreneurial spirit.  Her glowing personality engages the audience throughout the show while  Sadiqa, an event planner, is calm, composed and very quick witted.  Shama, the fashionista of the group brings flair as a lover of life and fashion.  She makes the show fun with her playful attitude.   Kulraj Anand, program director of EBC Radio 1170 AM runs the “behind the scenes” and has played a very integral role giving Teen Saheliyaan the platform to voice their opinions.

The show brings a fresh insight as it is the first show hosted by South Asian-American women for the South Asian community.  “We are extremely proud to be able to voice the subjects that are on every South Asian women’s mind but, she can not openly talk about it due to cultural pressures. We are here to entertain, educate and emancipate the South Asian women and educate their families that their girl children are as important as their male child. Just want to give them same rights as the male counterparts while celebrating their differences and respecting each other” says Minnie.

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