Tips to Stay in Touch with Your Spiritual Side

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While there are many differences between the major world religions, there are just as many similarities. Fostering a conversation about religion and incorporating spirituality into your life can benefit you and your family, believe experts.

“Finding common ground in the various religious scriptures, history and spiritual practices can help us reach peaceful solutions to social issues,”

-says author Star Chang, whose new book, “Coming Home: A Spiritual and Religious Dialogue,” explores diverse religious teachings.

Chang is offering spiritual practices to incorporate into your everyday life, regardless of your faith.

• The goals of the major world religions are similar; however the ways of achieving them can differ. For example, many religions practice “love” to achieve their goals. Everything you do, do it with love.

• While faith is difficult to prove with the advancements of modern science, it is a trust in something greater. Have faith in what you’re doing, even if all the signs aren’t clear.

• The goal of the sciences is to find the ultimate truth, which is what the major world religions are also seeking. Scientists attain this goal by using external tools, while religion draws upon an internal force. Put both to good use to tackle your goals.

• Human beings consist of three parts — mind, body and spirit. The spirit is the lead, the mind is in-between and the body is the follower. Confusion will arise if the mind or the body becomes the lead. Check in with your spirit often.

• Tolerance is a practice that comes from the heart. Make sure your heart is light and free of judgment.

• If there is negativity underlying your actions, the good you do will not be felt. To do the most good you can, find balance and come from a place of positivity.

• Many major religions emphasize having a good heart, sound thought and good behavior as universal virtues. Help others with these three principles in mind.

• Be kind to all people and beings without discrimination. These teachings are abundant in many world religions, and were as true thousands of years ago as they are today.

• Get an innocuous conversation started amongst family members and friends. A spiritual text, such as “Coming Home,” can make a great gift and can be a helpful way to revisit world religions and spiritual concepts. More information can be found at

In our modern society, it can easy to lose touch with your spirituality. But exploring this side of yourself can help you have a deeper appreciation and broader understanding of other cultures and systems of belief.



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