Hip Hop Up and Comers YBM Music Changing the Rap Game

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Hard bass beats, witty rhymes, and personal lyrics that tell stories are what should come to mind when you think of hip hop. After all, hip hop is a cultural lifestyle, not just some music genre. However, even though the fan base for hip hop continues to grow, it’s hard not to notice how far astray current hip hop is compared to older hip hop. What used to be thoughtful lyrics coming from a personal place is now replaced with twerking women, expensive cars, and popping bottles at the club. Hip hop has changed, but only recently has it began touching back to the origin that everyone fell in love with. The game is changing again as underground music scene artists begin to emerge and make their mark on the industry. With a fresh new spin on the genre, it’s clear how they’re giving current rap artists a run for their money.

The sound of hip hop is evolving, but why? Hip hop is always evolving- sometimes for the greater and sometimes for the worse. Every time two distinct subgenres of hip hop clash together, they produce a new and unique sound. For example, the sound of the south’s Southern Rap varies greatly from the sound of the east or west coasts. These subgenres are constantly looking for inspiration, often times from each other. Collaborations of sound revolutionize the hip hop scene, giving it a sense of authenticity and passion that other genres don’t have.

Though an artist relies on the passion to get them to the top, it’s the authenticity of their art that keeps them there. An artist could love what he/she does, but if they’re not able to appease the minds of their audience outside of a good hit or two, then they ultimately flop. Artists need to portray a lasting message onto their listeners, and that quality is unfortunately something a lot of today’s big name rappers currently lack. It is because of this that many accredited music critics say this is the best time for up and coming rappers to enter the scene. With a void in the youth of America quickly growing, underground artists with creative minds could jump in and take advantage.


Underground artists are definitely seizing this opportunity to change the game. Rap duo YBM are a perfect example of talented underground lyricists with a message to tell. With a mission to inspire young Americans with the value of education and a business mindset, they relay a unique message of reaching their goals to their audience. Members Efficial and Reecialago use their past struggles to write lyrics that are personal and mean something. Their recent release on amazon “I Do” shows just how much talent this up and coming duo really has. Topping at #1 for both Amazon’s Southern Hip Hop and Pop Rap charts, YBM is definitely a group with great potential to influence hip hop. Efficial says “I live by musical expression and believe I have the desire, drive, and motivation for success.”

“Business is business and that is the only sense we gotta make!” – YBM

Though YBM surely isn’t the first group to ever rhyme with reason and they surely won’t be the last to do so, they do bring a breath of fresh air to today’s music scene. Hip hop songs aren’t going to just be about catchy one hit wonders with dance moves anymore. YBM has so much to offer the music industry right now. Definitely keep your eyes on these up and coming starts.


Listen/Buy YBM’s Latest Release Here:

Wtf [Explicit]


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