Kiss and Tell (Not Show)

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It’s the first date, and you’ve done all the preparation in the land to accentuate your hot self. The butterflies are fluttering as your mind wanders to the kiss at the end of the night. Suddenly…panic sets in. What to wear on your lips? Every make-up loving girl has had a bad experience with lipstick and kissing. I am a lover of an intense red lip, and have had a few run-ins with the “clown mouth” myself. Gloss has become more of a product of the past, and wearing nothing doesn’t make one feel their best, so what is a girl to do?

Here are some tips and tricks to alleviate some of the stress:

Use a lip liner as a lipstick:

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

Lip liner has an incredibly long staying power, and does not tend to transfer. Obviously picking a more neutral or rose-colored liner will have the best results. Make sure the lips are hydrated well in advance, as lip liner can be drying.

Longwearing lip stain:


Lip stains that actually mimic the stain given when drinking red wine are the best. The color actually sinks into the lips for a natural flush that doesn’t transfer. YSL has a wide variety that work well in these scenarios.

Wear Your Lipstick:

Bite Beauty, Bite Lush Lip Wipes

The color is perfect with your outfit and you feel naked without it, so go ahead and wear your favorite lipstick. Luckily Bite Beauty has produced lip wipes that take off lipstick without smearing it all over ones face. Shortly before the end of the night kindly remove yourself to swipe the color off your lips, and your ready to smooch!

When you get home from date night don’t let your face give away the events of the night. Make sure you kiss and tell (not show) on your own terms!


Kay Broch is a LA based Makeup Artist, with an obsession of all things beauty. As a Midwestern girl who always stood out for being different and "eccentric," she has thrived in the land that is California. Her comical approach to life has translated into her artistry both in beauty and writing. With a love of education she thrives to teach readers through her experiences, in hopes of helping anyone feel wonderous in their own beautiful skin. Follow me on Instagram @kbrochmakemeup

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