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Look chic straight from the gym

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Casual style is all about comfort. No one wants to be in an outfit, even if it is perfectly put together, that they only wish to get off. Luckily, gym clothes for everyday use has become trendy thanks to fashion icons like, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. It is easy to not look like you just got out of bed in your gym gear, just follow these tips.

Trade in your old sweatpants for leggings or yoga capris.

It will look a lot chicer and be equally as comfortable. Let go of your favorite school hoodie and swap it for one with a crew neck or collar. It will look more put together for a day full of errands.

Keep it all black.

Black looks less like you are wearing gym clothes out when you are not even going to the gym. Black is also a very flattering color for everyone. So, skip the pretty print leggings that can end up looking warped and unflattering and go with the classic black pair.

Add a pop of color.

When going with the all black trend it is very important to add some contrast.  Why not add some color with your shoes? Wear a bright pair of sneakers or tennis shoes. If a bright pop of color is not your thing try a white or grey pair.

Wear something loose-fitting.

The perfect way to hide the fact that you are wearing gym pants is with an over- sized top. If the weather calls for it throw a soft, knit sweater over your leggings. Adding a scarf and combat boots can pull the outfit together perfectly. If the weather is warmer throw on a t shirt with your favorite quote or team mascot on it.

Add some denim.

If leggings are not your thing, try wearing a gym shirt first. Pair it with some boyfriend jeans and booties. It will be a chic look, but equally as comfortable. Distressed denim will add some edge to your outfit.

Wear a flannel shirt over your outfit.

If you are all for keeping your casual style comfortable, you do not have to choose top or bottom. Tie a matching flannel around your waist. It will add just enough to keep you from looking too casual. Hilary Duff and Khloe Kardashian rock this trend whether grocery shopping or hitting the gym.

A black Razor tank

Wearing a razor back tank top with jeans or denim shorts is the perfect way to keep it comfortable all summer long. Add a matching bandeau for a less casual effect. Tying the bottom into a knot will make the ensemble look less gymish.


Wearing accessories can help add to an outfit. Wear a hat, jewelry and be sure to carry your purse. Simple necklaces with leggings and crop tops is perfect for a shopping date with your girls or a lunch date.

Pull the look together with a jacket.

Jackets are another way to add to an outfit. If you want to keep it really casual throw on a training jacket. It will pull the ensemble together. If you have plans after your gym time throw a leather jacket over your workout clothes. To add pop to the outfit pick a leather jacket that is made in a bright color.

Rock a bralette

Kendall Jenner is queen of the crop top/ bralette top and gym legging trend. Her trick to making the look less casual is not wearing a casual crop top/ bralette top. Stick with the all black trend but ditch the sports bra for a strappy bralette and you may have mastered the gym to street style, like Jenner.


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