Lunch in the Hamptons at Cowfish Restaurant

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As we pulled up to the “Reserved Boat” parking slip, the smoke billowing out of the kitchen of Cowfish Restaurant filled our nostrils with high anticipation. We were antsy to get inside, but as we walked past the outside bar, we noticed the bartender chopping lemons and limes, making fresh lemonade served in mason jars. It looked quenching. It was a brutally hot August day and as we opened the door to the restaurant, the relaxed environment (as well as the air conditioning) cooled our senses. Jack Johnson (my personal favorite) was playing throughout the restaurant. That, and the view of the harbor from our table created a beachy yet classy vibe. We were seated by a smiling waiter, and almost immediately ordered the lemonades we saw the bartender making outside. They were fresh and sweet, and most definitely homemade. I decided to try the French Press Coffee after a long morning, and have had it on my mind it ever since. (I’m a big coffee drinker). It was creamy, but not too mild, and exquisitely rich.

For appetizers, we ordered Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms and Oysters Hampton; both exceptionally delicious. At first we felt apprehensive that it wouldn’t be enough for four people, but we were not disappointed. The mushrooms were of a decent size; we were able to chop them into fours, and the oysters were so rich that four was plenty. The mushrooms melted in our mouths with just the right combination of sweet lobster and salty mushroom, while the oysters were breaded with a sauce on top that made it taste just right.

For my main course, I ordered the infamous Cowfish Burger, cooked rare. With cheddar cheese, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onions, the burger was a (huge) all-American treat. The Angus beef was juicy and succulent, cooked just how I like it, and the bun was fresh and somehow a bit sweet, which added to the flavor as a whole. The fries were another treat, super thin and seasoned just right. Returning to the boat full and satisfied, we noted on not just the perfect food that Cowfish offered us, but the perfect day we had thanks to the excellent service, happy people, and peaceful environment at Cowfish Hampton Bays.


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