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Sneaker Trends to Own this Fall

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Summer is coming to an end and this has been one of the most fashionable summers we have seen. Now entering the fall season it is time to rank the best fashion shoes entering the changing leaves season. Each shoe brings it’s own amazing look that can make anyone stand out. Now let’s review the top 5 entering the new season.

#5 Air Jordan Westbrook 0

Westbrook is one of the most fashionable athletes on the planet and it was only right for his first signature to be a fashion shoe. His line will be on forefront of taking Jordan brand into the fashion world and changing their perception of just being a basketball brand. Westbrook is changing the way athletes are respected when it comes to fashion and seems many athletes are following in his footsteps.

What brand has been more succesfull than converse in the last 100 years? I’ll wait… The Chuck Taylor never goes out of style and for first time in 98 years it will have a sequel. Nike inserted lunarlon technology while keeping the exterior the same, making it a must have. Chuck Taylor is an American icon that seems to never go out of style. Never can you go wrong with the classic Chuck Taylor.

3. Adidas Y-3

Yohji Yamamoto is one of greatest fashion designers in the world and his Y-3 collection is just incredible. There are only a number of shoes that can have more hype and influence than the Yeezy line. The Adidas y-3 is just amazing and they are 400$ for that reason alone. Yamamoto and Adidas recently released the Qasa royal blue model and it is simply incredible.

2. Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard


The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most remarkable and most celebrated models from the Air Jordan line. Rarely does a new colorway generate this much hype. Sneakerheads were amazed at the Shattered Backboard colorway and it soon transferred into a beloved fashionable model. This colorway celebrates one of MJ’s historic highlights when he broke a backboard in an exhibition game in Italy 1985. Entering the fall season, this shoe is an immediate eye catcher and sets the tone in everyday style.

1. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Low

Number 1 should come at no surprise. Mr. West never disappoints and his low model from his Adidas line has sent sneakerheads and fashion gurus into frenzy. People all around the world love his Yeezy boost, and it seems naturally impossible for consumers to have pair due to limited quantities and high prices. On August 22nd Adidas has plans to release the black version of the 350 boost and people have begun to mark their calendars and set up their web browsers to snag themselves a pair. There is no question that the Yeezy 350 boost is the most fashionable sneaker on the planet.


Bio- Charles Gross is a Junior student at Bowie State Univeristy and huge sneaker lover from the Washington D.C area. Sneakers and fashion have always been his first love and telling the public about them is what he loves to do. Writing became an early love of his during high school and he continues his dream to be a top fashion writer.

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