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YouTube has definitely blossomed since its debut in 2005. YouTube caters to comedians, animal lovers, chefs, engineers and inventors, and, of course, the wonderful beauty gurus and lifestyle vloggers.


Whether theyre cranking out a new makeup tutorial or showing off the best ways to DIY fall room decor, these YouTubers are well worth your subscription!


TESS CHRISTINE (Tesschristine123)




Tess Christine is possibly my favorite YouTuber (if I HAD to choose one).


While Tess generally sticks to the regular beauty guru types of videos, she also features many fashion videos, which are my absolute favorite of hers. Her most defining videos are probably her Look for Less videos. Similar to her website,, she makes videos featuring many of our favorite celebrities. Tess hunts down nearly identical matches for starsclothing at much cheaper prices.


Along with her fashion and beauty vids, she also makes health/food videos and the occasional challenge video with her boyfriend, Patrick.





The best thing about Rachel is her huge personality and giant spirit for all things beauty.


Most of Rachels videos fall into the beauty category, but what sets her apart from your typical beauty guru is her hilarious personality. Its hard to NOT laugh while watching one of her videos. If youre not into boring makeup tutorials, subscribing to RachhLoves is the perfect solution for you!


Rachel also features health/food videos on her channel, as well as organizational tips and Pinterest hacks. (And if you love her main channel, subscribe to her side channel, RachhLovesLife, where she vlogs about being a mom and her current (and second!) pregnancy!)






As her YouTube name suggests, Laurens channel is mainly circulated around DIYs. And let me tell you, if youre ever lacking inspiration for room decor, office supplies, phone cases, or literally anything in between, Lauren is the BEST person to subscribe to. Her entire channel screams creativity.


Lauren is always super cheerful and genuinely seems to love her YouTube career. Though she primarily sticks to DIY videos, she also ties her DIYs into beauty, fashion, and food/health videos, too.


ANDREA BROOKS (AndreasChoice)



I started watching Andreas videos a while ago, and theyre still a favorite of mine. Id say her channel is generally in the beauty area, but she ventures off into food, DIYs, and general lifestyle videos quite often.


When I watch her videos, theyre always unlike anything Ive ever seen on YouTube before which can be hard when theres A TON of other YouTubers vlogging about a similar topic.


All of her videos are super entertaining, while still very informational. Not only do her videos provide tips and hacks on various subjects, but shes always great at making viewers laugh!


BETHANY MOTA (Macbarbie07)
Of course, the famous Bethany Mota. If youre into YouTube, Im sure you know who Bethany Mota is. Even if youre not into YouTube, you still might know who Bethany is. After launching her own clothing (and room decor!) lines at Aeropostale, coming in fourth on Dancing with the Stars, and winning two Teen Choice Awards, Bethany is still one of my favorite lifestyle and beauty vloggers.


With her crazy amount of fame, Beth still seems to be the genuine and caring person she was when she first started her YouTube career. Though she travels frequently and is always staying in constant connection with her fans (who she actually calls her besties), she still finds time to make YouTube videos that all of her viewers love.


ZOE SUGG (Zoella)





I think if I had to pick my favorite beauty guru, it would easily go to Zoe.


Id say about 90% of Zoes videos are beauty-related, all of which are extremely helpful and easy to follow. Not to mention, the end results of her makeup and hair tutorials leave you looking flawless! Plus, who can get tired of that British accent?


If you cant get enough of her YouTube channel, go buy her book, Girl Online, which had a ton of success within the past year!


JANELLE ESTEP (elleandish)




Janelles videos are all about nails. Her channel is basically manicure heaven.


Doing your nails can definitely be hard and they can take A LOT of practice, but with Janelles help, getting the perfect nail art is SO EASY. She has so many different tutorials, from galaxies, to Olaf, to leopard print, and even a cute Simpsons design. Yes, I said it. Janelle can make The Simpsons look cute on your nails! Janelle also mentions the exact polishes and tools she uses, in addition to alternative color palettes you can use to achieve the same manicure. Plus, the animations at the end of her videos are the cutest things you will ever see.





Jenny focuses mainly on beauty videos for her channel and she is so dang good at it.


If I had to pick, her nail art tutorials are definitely my favorites of hers! Before discovering her channel, my nail polish collection literally consisted of six polishes. Now, because of her easy (and cute!) nail tutorials, my collection has increased to at least 70 polishes. Not even exaggerating!


By far the best thing about Jenny is that shes always honest. If she doesnt like a product, shell say it! Plus, Jennys also good at recommending inexpensive products that do virtually the same thing as pricier products. Super helpful when being a beauty addict on a budget!



Gloria is a journalism major who happens to love puppies and french fries probably a little too much. Her hobbies include fashion, cooking, DIY, and binge watching Breaking Bad with her boyfriend. Coming from the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Gloria hopes to create content that will inspire others to voice their personal creativity throughout their own lifestyles.

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