“Facing the Face, is the First step towards change.”

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Usher’s new groundbreaking video “Chains” featuring Nas, has earned the title of one of the most heroic moves by musical artists that America has ever seen. One of its main themes being “Don’t look away,” the video literally forces viewers to watch the entire thing, making them look into the eyes of those souls lost to police brutality.
Released from the streaming music company Tidal, the video is free of charge to those who wish to watch, which is highly rare of the company but an ardent move on their part, for the video is needed to open the eyes of society. Before it begins, it prompts you to activate your webcam, making sure your face is centered with a plain background.

The video then begins, and throughout reveals the faces and names of a series of victims killed by police brutality, underneath giving a brief description of their encounter with law enforcement before their death. Those included in the video were Rekia Boyd, Caesar Cruz, Kendrick Johnson, and multiple others. It created a morbid mood but the song itself is one created to tie itself with the listener, forcing them to hear the truth.

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The video is creative but most importantly informative. It has to be one of the most compelling attempts at a public protest. If your attention wanders at all, the video will immediately stop and wait until your complete attention is directed towards your camera.
It creates the disturbance needed for America to take the topic of police brutality and turn it into a societal movement of protecting its people! #DontLookAway


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