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Halloween and After: These dresses can be worn year-round.

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Why spend $50 on a costume you will never wear again?  All these costumes use clothing you probably already own. And if you do have to spend some money on these clothing items, have no fear! You’ll definitely be able to wear the pieces again, so you won’t have to waste money on something you’ll forget about by November 1st.



The main thing you’ll want: A GREEN DRESS. Tink wears a strapless bodycon, so go for something similar to that. If you can’t find a green dress, consider buying a white, cloth dress and dye it green! As for wings, you can definitely DIY them with wire and tulle, but it’s probably easiest to purchase them at a Halloween store (I’ve seen fairy wings for super cheap during this time of the year). Throw your hair in a top knot and tie it off with a blue ribbon!


For shoes, find some green flats. If you don’t mind DIY-ing them, buy some large pom-pom balls at a craft store, and glue them onto the shoes. If your shoes are too expensive to DIY, you can either skip the pom pom step, or use something less permanent, like tape or sticker paper to attach the pom-poms.


Here are some good places to find inexpensive green dresses:


Dress from LuLu’s


Dress from Lulu’s




Alice in Wonderland

For this, you’re going to start off with a light blue dress. Alice’s has sleeves and a collar, but if you can’t find something exactly like that, no worries! You’ll also want a white apron — just simply tie that on top of your dress.

Throw on some white tights and some black or blue flats. For your hair, get a piece of black ribbon, pull your hair back, and tie it on your head. Make sure you tie it into a bow!


Here are some good options for Alice’s blue dress:










You’re going to need a light brown dress to start. If you’re okay with DIY-ing your dress, cut out a bunch of strips of dark brown felt. Glue the strips to the bottom of your dress (glue it to the inside, not the outside!) to replicate fringe. When you’re done gluing, pull and stretch out the individual felt pieces, to make it look more like fringe.


If you want a headband, measure your head with a piece of elastic. Cut it about an inch bigger than your head measurement. Cover the piece of elastic with your dark brown felt, and then stick a piece of velcro on the excess inch so you’re able to put the headband on and take the headband off. You can also stick a feather in the headband if you wish!


I’d wear this with a skinny dark brown belt around the waistline, with dark brown shoes of your choice. Also, head over to an accessory store and pick up a chunky teal necklace.


Here are a couple places to find items for this costume:










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