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Halloween costumes that work into your everyday wardrobe.

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If you’re not looking to spend $50 on a costume you’ll only wear once, I’ve got you covered. All these costumes use clothing you probably already own. And if you do have to spend some money on these clothing items, have no fear! You’ll definitely be able to wear the pieces again, so you won’t have to waste money on something you’ll forget about by November 1st.




So you’ll obviously want a red coat for this. Try finding a trench or peacoat for this, and make sure it’s pretty long when you wear it. If you can’t find a coat with a hood, don’t sweat it! You can always sew one on later or just go without it. Wear some black tights with black heels, and you’re ready to go! (Of course, if you feel more comfortable wearing clothing underneath the jacket, I’d definitely recommend that!)

Here are a couple places that sell red coats with and without hoods:


New York & Company


Calvin Klein Coat at Macy’s


Coat at Kohls




Find a red and white polka dot skirt or dress (or you can get a plain red skirt and stick on polka dots from adhesive felt). If you opt for a skirt, tuck in a red tee. If it’s colder on Halloween where you are, I’d suggest throwing on some black tights. For shoes, you can go for a pair of yellow heels or flats.


As for her ears, here’s an easy DIY for you: Cut circles out of a piece of old cardboard. Then, cover the cardboard with black felt. Glue the cut outs onto a black headband. For the bow, find some red and white polka dot fabric and simply tie a bow. Once you’re done with that, glue it in between the two ears.


Here are a few places to shop for Minnie’s iconic pieces:


Dress by Mod Cloth


Shoe by Kelly & Katie at DSW.com


Polka Dot Skirt by Etsy









You can definitely recreate Walter’s iconic yellow lab jumpsuit, but I’m gonna suggest something a little easier!


Walter White often wears a bulky neutral-colored jacket with oversized glasses, and a black fedora. Ultimately, that’s all you’ll need for this “costume.” Wear a plain polo or a button up flannel underneath your jacket, along with some boyfriend jeans or khakis and you’re all done!


Here are a couple good options for oversized jackets:







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