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The best way to learn about what you are passionate for is reading. Try to gain as much knowledge about the subject as possible. Autobiographies and biographies are great resources for learning about people you look up to and admire. These books are some of the best in fashion, so, get reading!

“My Journey” by Donna Karan

It may not be available until October, but it can be preordered. Karan was the powerhouse behind DKNY. The biggest jean label around, which has campaigns with models like Cara Delevigne and Binx Walton. Her autobiography will be about her life and getting to where she is now. A great read for anyone looking to have a label someday.

“Empress of Fashion: Diana Vreeland” by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart

This book is perfect for anyone interested in working for a magazine someday. It is an autobiography of Diana Vreeland one of the leading women in making Vogue the way it is today. It maps out all of Vreeland’s struggles and successes along the way to working at Vogue.

“The Woman I Wanted To Be” by Diane Von Furstenberg

This is a great read about how Von Furstenberg got to be the empress of the House of DVF. It is all about what she did to get to where she is today. She owns a major label, DVF, which has models like Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner as the face of the brand.

“Girl Boss” by Sophia Amoroso


What an amazing book. It is the story of how Amoroso went from nothing to being the CEO of Nasty Gal, a major clothing line. She started out selling on eBay and turned into one of the largest online retailers. The book is full of advice and inspiration to become a #GirlBoss.

“Front Row: Anna Wintour” by Jerry Oppenheimer

For anyone who would like to be editor of a magazine someday, this is a great inspiration. It goes into detail about Wintour’s life from grade school to where she is now. It can help give you an idea of what way to go in order to make it to the top.

“Lauren Conrad Style” by Lauren Conrad

If you trying to learn about style and fashion, start here. Lauren Conrad, who is having her first show for her clothing line in New York Fashion Week, talks about her style and how she found her style. It gives tips on finding your own style and how to adopt her classic style.

“The Teen Vogue Handbook”

If you plan to have any type of career in fashion “The Teen Vogue Handbook” is majorly important to your library. It has descriptions of all types of careers from photography to marketing. It also has real life people in those positions giving advice on how they got there and what it’s really like now that they’re actually doing their dream job.

“Chanel” by Lisa Chaney

This is a staple to your fashion library. It talks about one of the greatest fashionistas, Coco Chanel and how she started her line of clothes and perfume. It also teaches you about much of a workaholic Coco Chanel had to become to keep her store successful through the depression and World War II. Chanel is one of the influential designers in global fashion because her line spread from France to America very quickly.

“The Glass of Fashion” by Cecil Beaton

Here is another important one to read because it shows the personality of many fashion designers from the past. It is the photographer’s reminiscence of his experience with them. It can teach you about fashion photography and what it is really like.

“Man Repeller” by Leandra Medine

Great for fashion bloggers who want to popularize their blogs. Man Repeller is a major, well known blog. It started out small and now has many viewers and advertising campaigns from major fashion labels. The book is about the Medine’s experience with clothes and realizing she did not have a boyfriend because she had her own style. She embraces a world by women, for women.


Josey graduated from Malone University with a communication arts degree with an emphasis in public relations and marketing minor. She was the editor in chief of the student newspaper, The Aviso. When she was about 12 years old she read her first magazine and instantly knew she wanted to write for one. She absolutely loves telling a story through her writing.

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