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LIVE with MJ! is hosted by Power Publicist and Indra Public Relations CEO & Founder, MJ Pedone who is joined each week by her co-host Gina Mason. The show features interviews with some of the biggest names in sports, entertainment, philanthropy, as well as some of the top industry leaders in their respective fields. MJ and her guests discuss a variety of topics including current events, sports, entertainment and charitable efforts.

The Live with MJ! team caught up with NFL All-Stars at “the Catch” Game Day Experience,
titled after one of football’s most historic plays, honoring several football legends including: four
time Super Bowl Champion and three-time Super Bowl MVP, Joe Montana, two-time Super
Bowl Champion, Dwight Clark as well as two Super Bowl Champions from the New York Giants,
Howard Cross and Sean Landeta. The eight-hour Super Bowl Sunday football extravaganza included a VIP meet and greet and pregame analysis by Montana and Clark, over 20 flat screen TV’s to watch the big game and a silent auction filled with some fantastic sports memorabilia provided by Go Charity, Inc. And best of all, a handful of lucky guests were invited to catch a pass from Montana at halftime.

Here are what the football legends had to say:



MJ: The man of the evening, Mr. Joe Montana. How are you?

Joe: Good. How are you doing?

MJ: Doing very well. Super Bowl Sunday. What’s going through your mind?

Joe: Let’s get going. (laughs)

MJ: Exactly.

Joe: Right? It’s been a long week.

MJ: It has. Walk me through the catch. Did you ever think that 30 years later we would still be celebrating it today on all of days, Super Bowl Sunday?

Joe: Not really. It was kind of iconic for the bay area and the 49ers. It got us into our first Super Bowl. The NFL thinks a lot of it. They play it all the time.

MJ: It was a great play, by the way. Let’s talk about the quarterback match up for this Super Bowl. We’ve got Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson. Actually, the biggest age difference in quarterbacks in Super Bowl history. Can you tell me a little about each one, and what are you expecting to see?

Joe: I think you’ll see the same out of Peyton, I think, and out of both the guys. Right now they’re in a kind of a management mode with Russell. You got the, obviously Marshawn Lynch, the Beast behind you. They’re going to be feeding him early, I promise. I wouldn’t be surprised too, if they kind of give him the ball once, and then try to do something down the field, just to keep him honest. Peyton will be Peyton. Right? He’s going to try to throw the ball. He’s going to do all his Omaha crap and does all that stuff. It’s going to be a fun game. Your number one offense, number one defense, can’t ask for more than that.

MJ Before I let you go, I need your prediction. I know how you are. You would pick the Broncos?

Joe: The damn Broncos …I’ve been saying Broncos, but I don’t know, I’m getting that Seattle feel.

MJ: Uh-oh.

Joe: I think Seattle will take the points, when they’re going ahead (laughs). I don’t know. I think the Broncos are going to win by 3.

MJ: There you have it. All right. Joe Montana. Thank you.

Joe: Thank you and it’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

MJ: Here with one of the men of the evening, Dwight Clark. How are you on this Super Bowl Sunday?

Dwight: I’m good.

MJ: Ready for the game?

Dwight: Yes, it’s been a long week. I’m ready to get this game over with and go home.

MJ: I totally get it. We’re here celebrating the catch.

Dwight: Yeah.

MJ: Did you ever think that 30 years later after that, one of the most iconic plays in NFL history, we’d be here celebrating it again? What’s going through your mind?

Dwight: I can’t believe that that play is still alive 32 years later, but I’m fine with it, obviously. It keeps me around and glad to talk about it. It was a great throw by Joe. A great play call by Bill Walsh.

MJ: You’re the one who made the catch.

Dwight: Yeah, lucky enough to get up there and get that one but it was a play that wasn’t originally supposed to come to me. Bill kind of coached Joe up on, look for Freddy first. Then if Freddy’s not open, throw it high enough where Dwight can jump up and get it.

MJ: Right.

Dwight: Worked out perfect. (laughs)

MJ: There’s a lot of hype about the weather for this Super Bowl. Today actually isn’t so bad because it’s not that cold.

Dwight: Not at all actually.

MJ: What’s it like as a receiver catching passes when it’s really cold out as opposed to when it’s not?

Dwight: It sucks! The ball is hard and your hands are cold. For some reason, the ball is slippery so you have to wear gloves, but like you said, its 40 degrees out there. Peyton Manning should be okay tonight. He should be okay to throw it.

MJ: Speaking of Peyton Manning, the Broncos have one of the most incredible offenses.

Dwight: Right.

MJ: They have Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, all these wide receivers. On either side of the ball, who are you most looking forward to watching?

Dwight: I’m looking forward to seeing the Seahawk defense. I was in Seattle for the 49er Seahawk game two weeks ago. That defense was really good. They remind me a lot of the ’85 Bears. They’re that good. To see them against Peyton Manning’s offense and all those receivers that you mentioned; that’s what I’m looking forward to. I know no one’s talking about Seattle’s
offense vs. the Denver defense, but that will be exciting too. The real thing is can Peyton Manning and those receivers get open against that defense?

MJ: Before I let you go, I need a prediction. Who do you got?

Dwight: I’m thinking that the running back Marshawn Lynch and that defense will probably find a way to win, although I’m pulling for Peyton Manning.

MJ: All right. There you have it. Dwight Clark. Thanks a lot.

howard cross

Howard Cross on right with fan on left

We’re here with Howard Cross. Howard, have you been enjoying Super Bowl week? Are you having fun?

Howard: Yes, it’s been a lot of fun. A lot of work, but definitely a lot of fun.

MJ: Excited for the game, right?

Howard: I’m very excited. It’s good to see the kids. Good to see all the people. It’s crazy. I like it.

MJ: We’re here at the Catch Party celebrating one of the most iconic plays in NFL history. What do you remember about the catch? Where does it stack up for you as an all-time play?
Howard: It’s a crazy play, whenever they make that catch to beat the Cowboys. It’s close, but it’s not as great as wide right.

MJ: You’ve made a bunch of catches, also. What’s the best catch you’ve ever made?
Howard: I remember being in a game and leaving the game. I had blood all over my uniform. The most fun I had was when I had 7 or 8 catches against the Cowboys in one game. It really wasn’t one catch; it was just a whole day.
MJ: All right. Obviously you were on the Giants. This is the first year the Super Bowl is in New York, what would it have been like for you at the time as a player to have the Super Bowl in your home stadium playing in front of your hometown fans?
Howard: I have no idea. It would have been expensive because I’d have to buy a lot of tickets. That’s what I would think about right off the bat! How many school teachers and everyone else I’d be taken care of for the entire year. It would be very expensive.

MJ: Too expensive for sure and I know you would have a lot of people wanting tickets. Julius Thomas, one of those young, exciting tight ends in the league. You were a former tight end. What do you think of him? What do you expect to see from him today?
Howard: New age player. These guys that are former basketball players are thrown into the league. They’re able to play. They got the ability to go up high and get the ball. We’ve almost totally eliminated the head to head collisions, so it makes it easier for a guy to come in as a true athlete and play the game. Guys like Thomas are going to show up a lot more. You got Jimmy Brown down in New Orleans doing the same thing.

MJ: All right. Before I let you go, I need a prediction. Who do you got tonight?

Howard: I really want to see Peyton win the game but I just don’t see how he’s going to against that
defense. If the officials let them really play on the outside, it’s going to be tough for him to win. I’m going with Seattle.

MJ: There you have it. Seattle. Howard Cross.



MJ: We have Sean Landeta here. Sean, enjoying Super Bowl week?

Sean: Yeah. It’s really been great. New York and New Jersey have done a great job. Hopefully, they’ll bring it back here one day.

MJ: As a former player of the Giants, what would it have been like to play here in your hometown in front of the hometown fans?

MJ: It would have been amazing. You think of a New York team playing the game at home, here. The New York, New Jersey area supports these teams so great, but this year wasn’t meant to be. Maybe in the future.

MJ: All right, so we’re here at the Catch Party. What do you remember about the catch? Where does that rank as an all-time play in football history?

Sean: I was in college and like most other fans, I remember it vividly. It was an amazing play. It definitely was one of the great all time plays in football history.

MJ: Awesome. Before I let you go, I got to ask. What’s your prediction for tonight? Who do you got?

Sean: I don’t have a feeling either way. We understand the great offense against a great defense. I’m not so sure. Who do you like?

MJ: I took Seahawks. I’m a defensive gal and we know about their defense.

Sean: The last time a number one offense played a number one defense was the game I played in and the defense won that one. Be interesting to see what happens tonight.

MJ: Thanks Sean.


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