Gift ideas for the person who has everything

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We all know them. The hardest person in the world to shop for because they have everything they want or need. Making it very difficult for you to find the perfect Christmas gift for them. You want it to be heartfelt, but they’ve gone out and bought everything they want and you cannot think of anything else they could possibly want. Instead of fretting this holiday season try one of these ideas.

Make a DIY Project. Look up some unique and creative projects on Pinterest. Find one that would match their personality or style very well. It’s a creative way to tell them how much they mean to you and there are high chances they would not have it already.

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A gift card to their favorite restaurant and a movie ticket. You can look ahead and purchase tickets to a movie they have been dying to see before it comes out. Add on a gift card to their favorite food spot and make a whole night out of it. It is the perfect gift idea because it’s something they would enjoy, but cannot have yet.


A goody basket. Find a cute basket and fill it with all of their favorite smells and washes. Chances are they’ll eventually run out of their cologne or favorite body wash at some point. All you have to do is fill up the basket and wrap it up with a pretty bow. It’ll be a total lifesaver when they start  to run out.

Buy them tickets to their favorite musician or band. They probably have not bought tickets to see them live yet, but would totally enjoy it. The tickets would mean a lot to them because you remember how much they like the band. If said person is more into sports, try finding tickets to a game for one of their favorite teams.


An experience. Pay for them to go on a white water rafting trip or to take a photography class. You could buy them a voucher for a wine tasting or tickets to an art museum. Think of something they would thoroughly enjoy, but maybe have never done before. Buy them an experience that they’ll never forget.


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