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How the NBA’s Matt Barnes is Redefining the Fashion Game

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Beverly Hills men’s clothing store, Malibu Clothes and Matt Barnes, former bad boy of the Los Angeles Clippers and new Small Forward of the Memphis Grizzlies partnered up for the 2015 NBA season. Throughout the season Ian Firestone of Malibu Clothes and celebrity stylist Brandon Williams were working together on styling Matt’s game day looks as well as dressing him for red carpets. Matt has been a brand ambassador for Malibu Clothes, whose goal is to “suit every man for every occasion” and they wanted to convey that message through their new ad campaign featuring the man himself.


Although the tattooed star player is known for being tough on the court, Matt Barnes was recently featured in the Jack Victor Centennial Coffee Table book in the Men of Style section and it’s clear that he’s redefining what men’s fashion means to the professional sports industry.


Around playoff time, in April, Malibu Clothes and Matt Barnes launched The Barnes Collection. The Barnes Collection is a collection of Suits and Sport Coats designed by Ian, Brandon and Matt, in trim fit and modern cuts for the young professional. The fabrics used in the collection are all from Loro Piana.

But why did Malibu Clothes choose to partner with Matt? According to the brand, they felt he was the best representation for their image. From a UCLA graduate, to former member of the Los Angeles Clippers, and now the new Small Forward for the Memphis Grizzlies, Matt is considered one of the best dressed athletes in the NBA. Malibu Clothes has been the go-to store for athletes and they’ve catered to everyone from Michael Jordan, to Muhammad Ali to Willie Mayes. And now, they’re reintroducing the brand to fit the style of the modern day athlete. What’s even more incredible about this pairing is the fact that Matt has rocked Malibu Clothes for all of his gameday looks and red carpet functions. It now seems that athletes are taking on a new role in the realm of fashion and are even designing their own looks. Considering the latest debuts of fashion from athletes such as Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade the desire to push conventional boundaries is making headlines. Athletes are freeing themselves more and more, wearing colors, patterns and unique custom pieces previous generations of pro athletes haven’t dared to have publicized. Yes, maybe some outfit choices are facing more scrutiny in the public eye than others, but the way these athletes usually accept such criticism isn’t anything short of admirable.

No matter which way you look at it, there’s nothing better than an elite athlete in an elite suit. Matt obviously has an incredible eye for design and it seems the guys at Malibu Clothes had all the expertise to brings those designs to life. Hats off to the Barnes Collection, we absolutely dig it.






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