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Jeans at work

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Recently dress codes all around are changing. Particularly in offices and large businesses.  Casual Friday may no longer mean the only day to dress down for week.  Suits and dresses are no longer required for every day in the office.  It is slowly becoming standard for men and women to wear jeans (dressed up obviously) for work.  Here are some tips on how to keep jeans professional and it’s all about how you wear them:


Wear them with a blouse and blazer.

Instead of putting on the matching pants to your suit, wear some jeans. If you want a little bolder of an outfit pick out a colorful or patterned blazer instead of the standard black, grey or brown. When picking a shirt to pair with the blazer be sure to dress it up. Do not wear a  t- shirt. Find a blouse or button up and add some matching accessories.


Pick a dark wash.

When deciding which of your favorite jeans you want to wear to work, go for a darker shade. The darker the wash, the better. It will keep the whole outfit professional looking. A lighter wash could end up looking a little too casual. Keep the lighter washes for the weekend. If you are just starting the trend and want to test how it goes, try a black denim. It is as comfortable as jeans, but if worn correctly can look as professional as dress pants.


Find the right shoes.

Flats, heels and booties are perfect for professional use of jeans. They keep the jeans looking dressy and comfortable. Save your Nikes or Keds for actual casual Friday or the weekend. It’s simple: if you wear the jeans with your casual shoes it draws out the casualness of jeans. If you wear dressier shoes with your jeans they will look work- ready.


Wear them at the right time.

Be smart when choosing to wear jeans. If you have an important meeting with a prospect or investor stick to a dress or skirt. Be sure to pay attention to your schedule. How you look in a meeting says something about who you are and will leave an impression on whoever you are meeting with. Wear jeans on slower days where you will be at your desk.


Josey graduated from Malone University with a communication arts degree with an emphasis in public relations and marketing minor. She was the editor in chief of the student newspaper, The Aviso. When she was about 12 years old she read her first magazine and instantly knew she wanted to write for one. She absolutely loves telling a story through her writing.

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