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Rocking it in Pink

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As we all know, October is the month that we all like to take the time out and express extreme awareness for the oh so common Breast Cancer disease. Each year, there are tons of expos, events and collaborations in hope of stressing and getting the word out. This year I had the pleasure to witness two amazing designers show their passion and love for those suffering and managed to display their love through their current collections.


October just so happened to be the residing month for this year’s L.A. Fashion Week so fashion was out of control for the entire month, not just for that week. Amongst the madness, I received an invite to former employer, Ashton Michael’s presentation of his Spring 2015 collection. With once being a member of Ashton’s team, I thought I would at least have an idea of what he would be featuring or for the most part know the style, but I was definitely wrong. Usually, Michael’s garments are partly or completely constructed out of butter like calf leather evoking really edgy and bold pieces. This year he completely switched things up and took to a totally different approach.

Instead of his usual heavy upbeat soundtrack playing during his show, Michael featured a Korean drum soloist who pounded heavy thuds throughout the entire show. As for someone who has been studying Michael’s work for quite awhile, I was expecting to see his usual all black, red and white color palette, but this year Michael’s collection was almost entirely made out of a very pretty, pale pink with all black garments spotted throughout the show. The style resembling a vintage militia look with oversized cargo pockets on the shorts, jackets and vests, oversized hoods and baggy layers. Each garment had exaggerated straps that hung and trailed behind the models as they walked the all white runway and then took their designated place back at the end of the runway. Each piece was constructed out of a heavy twill that was also used to cover the models shoes to help with a monochromatic look. To go along with this military inspired look, he placed frayed patches to the fronts and backs of the jackets and tops as well as the baseball caps the models were accessorized in. Closing out the show, Michael used close friend and model, Shaun Ross who wore an all white military style jumper with straps and an exposed zipper with cascading pink flowers flowing from his shoulders to his torso. Ending the show, models walked down the runway in a grid like formation with Shaun Ross as their center as a pink mob with a ray of soft white as a focal.


An overall amazing show! As mentioned, this was completely different for Ashton and whether it was intentional or not, the use of pale pink in such a strong fashion as he did for this collection struck me as an awareness act and it held strong. On lookers must have liked what they saw because weeks after his debut, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj were styled in his new collection at their performance at the TidalX1020.

Closing out the month, I was able to make it to see an amazing swim suit designer, Liz Luque. Her brand Fancy Swimwear does amazing, bold and colorful swimsuits with great construction and sexy silhouettes with tasteful cutouts here and there. This presentation was completely devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness as it was titled 15 Shades of Pink. Going with the title, she featured 15 swim suits dedicated to 15 individual women who were either currently dealing with such disease, cured or have been overcome by. With being a two-time survivor herself, this cause really struck home for Liz and was definitely visible at her show. As each model walked down the runway at the rooftop lounge, the story of the woman whom the suit was dedicated to was read aloud. Their trials and tribulations were here by all in attendance. To go along with this extremely thoughtful devotion, Liz had her models styled in her hand made, pink swim caps that she has constructed for sale and all the funds will go towards women dealing with breast cancer. Her motivational words were that these caps are in representation of the warriors dealing with breast cancer and that they should stay strong and keep swimming.


Such a powerful and meaningful show and one that left me thinking hard about my loved ones and all the women out there dealing with this illness. Liz is such a strong woman and an amazing designer! Everyone should take a look at her fun and playful swimwear and try to snag one of her one of a kind swim caps! The link to her site as well as Ashton Michael’s are listed below!




Ever since I was a young boy, I had a love for clothing. I remember walking through various stores just feeling the fabrics and turning the garments inside out just to look at the construction of each piece. I knew that the fashion industry was a creative realm that I had to be part of. With that in mind I made my way through college and graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Product Development with an initial emphasis in Fashion Design. I've completed the trek from the Midwest all the way to the Golden State of California to take my place in the fashion world and take a stand for self expression and creativity. What excites me the most about fashion is the opportunity to completely morph yourself into different styles daily! The chance to try new things and set yourself apart from your neighbor. Its a glamorous and fascinating world. Through my written word, I hope to express my passion and the love I have deep down for fashion world. I also want be that helping hand for all of those that know they have it in them to be trendy and chic but may not know just exactly what to put together, from the items within their closet to execute successful daily looks. I hope that my words are helpful, encouraging and most importantly, helps to build confidence within each reader!

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