Beating the Back-to-Work Blues: 8 Tips for Getting Back to Work after the Holidays

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The holidays came and went, and the New Year is now here. So what can we do to get back on track at work? 
While most of us want to sit at our desks with energy, creativity, and enthusiasm that will help us come up with the next great idea, what actually ends up happening is that we spend so much time trying to answer emails and phone calls yet fall behind on tasks that have accumulated while we were away.
How can we eliminate the work blues and get that motivation and energy we had over the holidays?  Here are our top tips.
1). You may have been staying up late and sleeping in during the holiday, so to get back on track, set an alarm.  Try not to nap in the afternoon so you’ll be tired in the evening and can get to sleep at a normal time. 
2). Put together a mini-schedule so you can ease back into your normal schedule. 
2). Transition back to work.  If possible, try to schedule meetings on Tuesday instead of Monday. But if you have to schedule them the day you get back, try for the afternoon so you have a little space and time to readjust. 
3). Take care of yourself. Get back on the same exercise routine and diet you had before the holidays. Get a proper night’s sleep. 
4). Follow up with your co-workers/employees to find out how their holiday/vacation was and to get an update on any outstanding projects. 
5). Give yourself a break. Try to meet a friend for lunch or coffee the week you go back to work. 
6). Get some fresh air. Go for a walk on your lunch break.  Instead of emailing your co-worker, take a walk to their desk.  
7). Get a new hobby. If there’s something you want to try like sailing or running a 5k, prepare for it. 
8). Create a list of goals you’d like to accomplish this year. Goals can inspire us to do more and reach higher. If you’re unhappy at work, then 2016 should be the year for change. 
Written by:  Kristin Marquet
Kristin Marquet is the Creative Director of Creative Development Agency, a fashion and lifestyle public relations in New York City.  She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of the upcoming women’s lifestyle
With a master’s degree in marketing from New York University, she has written for several fashion and business magazines, and has appeared in several media outlets including EntrepreneurBusiness InsiderAmerican Express Small Business, and Enterprising Women magazines.  She currently writes for, and will be launching indie fashion magazine, Lifestyle and Business Magazine in 2016. For more information, please visit


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