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Cinematic inspired at the Chanel Pre-Fall 2016 show

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In classic Chanel style, tweed, lace and leather were the popular themes of the Pre-fall 2016 collection. It is no surprise that this epic collection was shown in Rome, where Karl Lagerfeld and the woman herself Coco Chanel have a lengthy history. Chanel is known for its amazing and awe-inspiring shows which pick a theme and play everything in the show off of that. Some of the more popular themes Chanel has chosen include the Spring 2013 extreme sports theme (in which surfboards, parasails and lifeboats were all accessories and all emblazoned with the iconic double C Chanel logo), the Resort 2008 space theme, the Resort 2009 swim theme (in which models wearing each letter of the word Chanel dove into a massive pool), the Fall 2010 ice theme (in which a giant glacier was the centerpiece of the show and what the models strutted around), and the Spring 2012 under the sea theme among many other extravagant themes.

So it comes as no surprise that this year, there was another amazing theme. The theme of the Chanel Pre-fall 2016 show was cinematic inspired and took place in Cinecitta film studios, which is the largest film studio in Europe and is known for having some of the best technology and set builders. This definitely showed in the beautiful set, in which the runway was complete with a gazebo in the center, a town setting and a metro station. It also showcased statues, building fronts and realistic looking plants everywhere that was sure to have amazed the entire audience. This show was also Bella Hadid’s debut runway show and she proved that she could model just as well as her supermodel sister Gigi.

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Not only did the set amaze, but the show itself was classic Chanel revamped to be perfect for modern day. The show kicked off which Lagerfeld’s short film Once and Forever, which starred Kristen Stewart as Coco Chanel. The models then began walking the runway and the clothing was revealed. Tweed is definitely a Chanel classic and it was seen this show in a tailored tweed jacket over a leather skirt, on a couple walking the runway in full tweed outfits down to the shoes, and a suit jacket as a dress over tights and tweed sneakers. Chanel tweed is normally showcased in bright colors such as pink and white, but this season they were in demure colors of nudes and light browns.

Although there were many feminine looks present on the females in the show, there was also a very prevalent menswear inspiration. Suit jackets and business pants were put on the models and cinched at the waist to create a feminine twist on classic menswear pieces. Sneakers have also been a staple item for the Chanel shows and were paired with anything from tights to pants to dresses. One of my favorite pieces was an ankle length glamorous dress in gold embroidered with jewels around the neckline and waist paired with a pair of ankle high gladiator type sandals. Another one of my favorites was another ankle length dress which had a surprising lace cutout around the mid thigh range. The neckline was also lined with lace and a large coat with a masculine silhouette was thrown over the ensemble.

All in all, Karl Lagerfeld never fails to impress and never fails to capture the Coco Chanel pieces in all of his designs and shows. He has a beautiful way of taking what we know as “classic Chanel” and putting his own modern twist on it which really brings his pieces to the forefront of fashion and shows why Chanel is still on top today.


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