Gratitude List: Top 25

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1. Family. You know you love them.
2. Friends. They are there for you at your best and worst moments.
3. Essie nail polish. It stays for so long and comes in so many great colors.
4. Paris. It’s one of the most beautiful cities and full of love.
5. Leggings. They’re chic and comfortable.
6. Karl Lagerfeld. He’s the genius behind Fendi and Chanel.
7. Scream Queens. Admit it, you get distracted by the style too.
8. Rachel Zoe. Her talk show on E! is amazing.
9. Snapchat. Live all the fashion madness vicariously through models’ and brands’ stories.
10. Instagram. Keep up on all of the latest trends.
11. Victoria Beckham. Not just for her family, her clothing line in exceptional too.
12. Fashion Month. All the new trends, all the greatest models, all the greatest cities, all in one month.
13. Calvin Klein. Comfort at it’s finest.
14. Black Friday Sales. The only time you can get all your Christmas gifts for a great price… maybe a little something for yourself too.
15. Poshmark. A place to buy and sell clothes, yes please!
16. Pinterest. Store all of your coveted beauty and fashion inspiration.
17. Polyvore. Play around with your style and put together outfits you’d never dream of trying.
18. Emojis. The best way to show exactly how you’re feeling.
19. Lazy Sundays. All day binging on Netflix and food in your pajamas with nothing to do… There is nothing wrong with that!
20. Closet Organizers. You have to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy.
21. Chocolate. It’s a woman’s favorite food.
22. Stocking Stuffers. All the stuff you forgot you needed.
23. Mascara. Adds glam without doing too much.
24. Squats. You have to stay healthy.
25. Leather Jackets. Best way to add a little edge to any outfit.


Josey graduated from Malone University with a communication arts degree with an emphasis in public relations and marketing minor. She was the editor in chief of the student newspaper, The Aviso. When she was about 12 years old she read her first magazine and instantly knew she wanted to write for one. She absolutely loves telling a story through her writing.

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