Holiday headband twist

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“A simple go-to hairstyle with a touch of pizazz is ideal for any holiday gathering,” says celebrity hair stylist Symonds. “This headband twist offers a hint of sparkle that you’ll want to wear all season long.”

Step 1. Comb through dry, clean hair or second-day hair with the Styler + Smoother Hair Brush to smooth out any tangles.

Step 2. Taking a section of hair at the crown of the head, lightly backcomb downward to create volume. Repeat this again a few times, grabbing more hair as you go. When the desired volume is reached, gently smooth out the top without disrupting the volume you just created.

Step 3. Place your headband (hello, sparkles!) at the desired position on your head, on top of all of your hair. Then, secure it at the nape of the neck with a few bobby pins.

Step 4. One at a time, take the two side sections in front of each ear and lightly twist them back and into the headband. The elasticity of the headband will hold them in place.

Step 5. Now that all of your hair is set back, split it into two sections and loosely braid each one. Doing this creates texture and control for when you twist them back into the base of the headband. Secure each braid with a clear elastic.

Step 6. Go back in with your fingers and pull each braid apart slightly to create a fuller, more “undone” look. Then, take one of the braids and weave it through the back side of the headband, leave the ends hanging down. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7. Tuck both ends into the loop to hide them and secure with bobby pins.

Step 8. Spray your entire head with a medium-hold hairspray and you’re ready to party all night!

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