Snapchat Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2016

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Desi (@desiperkins) and Katy (@lustrelux)


These funny ladies will have you hashtagging #friendshipgoals in no time.  The reason they are grouped together is because most of the time they are present in one another’s snaps.  Enjoy not only the blinged out highlight and eyeshadow, but get some honest opinions on every product under the sun.  If price is an issue, have no fear, drugstore options are also included and reviewed. These girls often snap with no makeup on, hair unkept, and eating In-N-Out or Froyo.  They snap their dogs Zoe (Katy) and Harper (Desi), and husbands Jon (Katy) and Steven (Desi) shamelessly.  Their bantering is enough to keep you entertained all day.  If looking for beauty influencers who are down to earth and that you can relate to, Katy and Desi for the win!

Amra (@amrezy)


One word to describe this woman is flawless.  As a former Sephora and MAC employee, she has learned firsthand what products are ideal for different skin types and ethnicities.  Prepare for endless selfies, with a highlight that you could see your own reflection in.  Amrezy also has amazing personal style, and is always dressed to the nines.  Although you won’t get an overload of product recommendations, her rants alone will have you laughing.  She is not shy when it comes to flaunting what she’s got, and believes we should all be unafraid to wear our confidence with pride.  Her rants consist of not allowing the haters to get you down, and that only the jealous individuals troll.  Jam out with her mean mugging face in the car, and get some new ideas on how to Glam(rezy) up your look.

Ourfa (@ourfazinali)


No one else in the beauty industry will let you inside their everyday makeup routine like Ourfa.  Step-by-step instructions down to what brush is used, and the different techniques she uses with them.  She is a huge supporter of Morphe brushes, which are not only great quality but affordable.  Almost weekly she will do a must have brush edition, which has viewers screenshotting favorites to add to their wish lists.  Unlike many other beauty snapchatters she actually shows herself doing makeup on others, specifically her adorable girlfriend.  She is an avid believer of the trend “baking” when highlighting the face, and douses her victims in setting spray.  If you have questions on MAC products she is your go to girl.

Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)


Jeffree has come a long way since his MySpace days.  He went from being a performer in West Hollywood, working at MAC, and broke, to owning his own successful cosmetic line.  His liquid lipsticks are arguably the best in the business as far as formula and long wear.  Get a peak into what is in the works in his warehouse, and also what new products are coming to his line.  Makeup is nothing without a smooth complexion to paint onto, and Jeffree loves his skincare.  He is not sponsored, and only recommends products he has experienced results with.  Find a new favorite mask and or serum, while also learning what products pair best with them.  Jeffree owns some of the cutest dogs that are often dyed different colors, along with some of the sickest custom painted cars in baby pink and blue.  He is a lover of designer everything, especially when it comes to makeup, purses, and shoes.  Join him along the journey of expanding his line, and traveling all over the world teaching makeup classes.  He is a classic example of building an empire from a little bit of glitz, and a lot of ridiculousness.

Chrisspy (@chrisspyC)


If you are yearning for a single girls point of view look no further than Miss Chrisspy.  She seems to be the “it girl” who is invited to every exclusive blogger/youtuber beauty event.  Whether it be Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay palette release, and or Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit release you better believe she will be there.  She is also big on collaborating with fellow Youtube friends including @DesiPerkins, @MannyMua, and @PatrickStarrr among many others.  Chrisspy is a positive influence for anyone struggling to lose weight, and or attempting to live a healthier lifestyle, as she has shared her weight loss journey with us from the beginning.  She has the ability to transform her look not only with the makeup she wears, but the amazing wigs, weaves, and hair colors she pulls off.  She is inspiration to step out of our regular comfort zone, and try something new.

Norvina (@norvina)


It is many girls dream to have their mothers just as obsessed with makeup as they are, and for Norvina that dream is a reality.  Anastasia Soare is the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, and has made a name for herself as the brow authority in the beauty industry.  She also happens to be Norvina’s beautiful mother.  Norvina has somewhat become the creative genius of the company, helping with formulas, colors, and names for the new products launching.  In her snapchat she gives us a sneak peek into what is up and coming with swatches and dates of release in respective retailers.  She also gives us a glimpse into the office and the people who work there.  Open up her many packages full of beauty goodies on the daily, wishing you had that PO Box.   Anastasia does make some special appearances, along with Norvina’s adorable animals.  Her gorgeous self will leave you contemplating “should I dye my hair silver?” on the daily.

Prepare to dedicate about an hour of the day to gawk at these beauty influencers’ snapchat stories.  Fall in love with their family and animals, and learn some new tips and tricks to further your beauty knowledge.  After all, you can never try too many products (says an addict).





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