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When I give gifts, I hate giving just one gift. Instead, I like to put together sets of several different (inexpensive) items. I’ve put together ten different gift sets for different personality groups, in hopes of helping you find the perfect set for your recipient!


Touchscreen gloves

Laptop decals. Super practical and easy to personalize if you want to go even further. Purchase one for the cover and one for the keyboard. Perfect.
Phone case. Also really practical and there are seriously an endless supply of creative phone cases on the Internet. Find one that fits your recipient the most! Maybe even get them a set of two or three, depending on your budget.
Phone charger. Again, super practical. You could also purchase a portable phone battery, so they can charge their phone on the go!
USB Flash Drive. A flash drive is definitely a useful gift, and they sell so many different kinds with loads of cute designs. You can even create your own at!
Touchscreen gloves. These really do work! You get to keep your hands warm AND scroll through Twitter. It’s a win-win.



Headphones. Always a great gift for someone who is constantly listening to music. Depending on your budget, you can go buy Beats or Frends headphones, but you can also stick with Skull Candy or a nice pair of ear buds if you want to spend a little less.
Albums. For a music lover, you can’t go wrong with buying an album that they’re dying to have, but haven’t yet purchased.
Vinyl. A lot of people also love having their favorite albums on vinyl, so that’s another option too. If you’re willing to go big this Christmas, buy them a record player! They’re love it, guaranteed.
iTunes giftcard. If your recipient already has all the music they want, get them an iTunes giftcard. I’m sure they’ll end up using it in the near future!
Concert tickets. If their favorite band or musician is coming to your area soon, buy some tickets to the show. Make a day out of it!
Guitar pick necklaces. You can design your own guitar picks or if you’re lucky enough, catch an authentic one from a concert. Punch a hole in it and string it through a chain. Done!


Sephora gift set

Makeup. Since it’s the holiday season, tons of stores are putting out gift sets. If you know your recipient likes a certain brand, give them a gift set for their favorite line! You can find sets of lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows, and so much more.
Nail polish. The same goes for nail polish! Pick out individual bottles or buy mini sets. They’ll love it!
Makeup supplies. Tweezers, eyelash curlers, nail files, brushes. The actual makeup product is important, but so are the applicators!
Accessories. Inexpensive jewelry, hair bows, scarves, and tights are all super good gifts because you don’t need to know your recipient’s size.
Perfume. For the “big” gift in this set, get some perfume for your recipient! If you’re unsure of what scent they’ll like, purchase a fragrance from one of their favorite celebrities. (Seriously, so many celebrities have perfumes.)

For the luxury-lover.

Whether you’re helping a loved one celebrate Christmas, a big birthday or simply want to show your location – how better to do so than with a luxury hamper? While spa packages and luxury getaways are always a great idea, they’re also expensive – but there are plenty of other ways you can bring luxury into the home! 

Cigars. Kick-start your luxury gift set with a top-quality cigar, such as a Montecristo No. 2. Not only are they a great way to round off any celebration, but these Cuban cigars receive consistently positive reviews – meaning they’re sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. 

Premixed cocktails. What says luxury more than a fancy cocktail? Even better, your friend or loved one no longer needs to go to the bar to enjoy these sophisticated drinks, as you can have them delivered to your door. Alternatively, you can send them all of the ingredients they need to make their favourite drinks at home – don’t forget to throw a glass into the mix too! 

Vouchers to their favourite store. If your friend loves a particular designer or brand, but their price tags are a little out of their reach – help them knock some money off their next spend by presenting them with a gift voucher to their favourite store. This way, you’ll know your money is getting put to good use, and your loved one can get something they really like as a result.


DVD’s. If your person loves to watch movies, what’s better than getting them movies? Movies can be fairly expensive, so take a gander through Target’s $5 movie section instead. Cheap, but still great quality.
Popcorn & Munchies. You can’t have a movie night without your favorite snacks! You could also get those cute little popcorn boxes to enforce the movie theme even more.
Throw blanket. I love watching movies and being cuddled up in a warm blanket, maybe your recipient is the same way! Maybe you could even get a blanket with your recipient’s favorite movie on it.
Movie Theatre Giftcard. Movies are expensive sometimes, so gifting a giftcard for your local theatre is always a good option.
Red Box Giftcard. You can’t go wrong with Red Box. With a giftcard to Red Box, your recipient is able to watch all the movies they weren’t able to catch in theatres!
Movie premiere tickets. If your recipient is highly anticipating the release of a new movie, buy them tickets to the midnight premiere!


pink etsy throw

Slippers. Always a great option.
A throw blanket with a throw pillow. What’s cozier than a blanket and a pillow?
A good book. If you know what kind of books your recipient would like, get them a new book!
Candles. You can’t go wrong with candles.
Bath bombs. Lush has the best selection of bath bombs. You’ll want to keep them all for yourself!
Facial masks. Nothing’s better than the refreshing feeling after removing a face mask!
Picture frames. I feel like nothing makes a home feel cozier than some nice picture frames or wall décor.


Kitchen utensils. Wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks, the list is endless.
Cutting board. You can even get personalized cutting boards on Etsy!
Mason jars of ingredients. Get some cute little jars or containers and fill them with baking staples, like flour and sugar. Or if your baker loves to bake something specific like cookies, you can pack a mason jar with ingredients such as chocolate chips or macadamia nuts.
Recipe book. Your fellow baker can never have too many recipes to try out!
Cupcake serving rack. If your baker likes to make cupcakes, a cute little serving tray is essential! You could also throw in some cute cupcake liners, too.


Assorted glitters. Seriously, if your friend is anything like me, she/he will love receiving glitter.
Paint & brushes. Paint is used in so many different DIY’s, so why not gift it? And you can’t forget about the brushes!
Mod Podge. The holy grail of all DIY’s.
Scrapbook paper. Those giant reams of scrapbook paper and cardstock constantly come in handy. Plus, there are so many different designs to choose from!
Washi tape. You can’t go wrong with washi tape for a DIY-er!
Michaels giftcard. Because every crafty person makes their occasional (frequent, actually) trip to Michaels.



Polaroid camera. C’mon, everyone loves the aesthetic of polaroids, right?
Polaroid film. If you get a polaroid, you’re gonna have to get the film to go with it!
Camera lens mug. There are so many different versions of this, but seriously, all of them are so cool. Check out this one:
Camera strap. Say goodbye to that boring, black camera strap!
Lens bracelets. I cannot even tell you how cute these are. 
Bokeh kit. I think this is the most personal gift of this entire set. How can you say no to cool shapes in the form of bokeh?!
Tripod. You can get a full size one, or a mini one for something like your recipient’s iPhone. So many options!


Tickets to a sporting event. Major league sports might be a little pricy, but college sports are always another good option!
A new ball. If they like basketball, getting a new basketball definitely wouldn’t go to waste.
Jersey of their favorite player. If they’re really into sports, you can’t go wrong with getting them a jersey to support their favorite team!
Desktop basketball. Okay, but how fun does this look? Check it out here.
Running shoes. If your recipient is the type of person who goes for a run daily, get them a new pair of sneakers or running shoes!
A gym bag. If your recipient makes frequent trips to the gym, buying them a cute gym bag is definitely a good idea. Plus, you can just throw all your other gifts inside of it! No wrapping required.

New ice skates. For the guy or gal that likes to hit the skating rink, a new pair of ice skates are always appreciated. Just make sure you know their size, and look at figure skate or hockey skate reviews before buying to make sure you are getting the right pair.
Miscellaneous sports team merchandise. Whether you want car decals, a Broncos toothbrush, or a cute stuffed animal sporting your recipient’s favorite team.”Miscellaneous sports team merchandise. Whether you want car decals, a Broncos toothbrush, or a cute stuffed animal sporting your recipient’s favorite team.


Car cleaning supplies. Target sells entire gift sets just of cleaning supplies. It’s definitely worth the $20.
A steering wheel cover. There are so many cute steering wheel covers, why not invest in one for your crazy-car friend?
A license plate frame. Plate frames add a nice touch to any car. As a bonus (if your state laws allow it), you could also get them a personalized front license plate too!
Auto Zone giftcard. If your recipient is constantly infatuated with his/her car, just get an Auto Zone giftcard so they can buy whatever their little heart desires.
Car air fresheners. They sell so many different scents, but my favorite is this Breaking Bad one: Click here.

Bumper stickers/decals. Just adds a nice little touch to their car!

Remember: The more creative, the better! If you stay creative with your gifts, there’s no way that anyone else will give your recipient the same gift!


Gloria is a journalism major who happens to love puppies and french fries probably a little too much. Her hobbies include fashion, cooking, DIY, and binge watching Breaking Bad with her boyfriend. Coming from the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Gloria hopes to create content that will inspire others to voice their personal creativity throughout their own lifestyles.

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