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Why Alexander Wang’s Pre-Fall 2016 Collection is Our Latest Obsession

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Alexander Wang is a patron saint for monochromatic, ultra-chic designs. Known for his innovative silhouettes and industrial accessories, Wang has been making waves in the fashion industry since his debut at New York Fashion Week in 2007.After his ephemeral affair with Balenciaga, Mr. Wang is back to doing what he does best — iconic street-wear.

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His newest collection showcases models posing in sky-high platforms, in what appears to be a harmonious mirage of leather, leopard, and grommets. Wang’s work has the aura of a rich, bold wine— composed of various notes and undertones that combine to produce one sensationally cohesive statement. The collection’s satorially effortless edge makes for sensible and functional collection filled with pieces that are all hallmarks to the breed of the brand he’s been consistently curating season after season. Perhaps there are hints of Saint Laurent, a nod to Marc Jacobs, and even a wink to Chanel, but the overall effect is purely, and inarguably, Alexander Wang.

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His garments redefine elegance without the redundancies of lace and pearls. In this way, his collection begins to tell the tale of the modern-day metropolitan muses around the world for which his clothes are catered to.

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Alexander Wang’s Pre-Fall 2016 Collection is receiving rave reviews from both Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. Its as though Wang has found his tempo once again, and editors near and far are cheering right alongside him for his revival.

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