7 Reasons why dating your best friend is the best

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Dating can be fun, but also exhausting. You just want to find a person who you get along with, trust and can be yourself around. First dates are even worse, awkward small talk and trying to portray yourself decently. Why not just date your best friend? They already get you and they have seen you at your best and worst.


  1. They are already familiar with you and your past, No awkward conversations about past relationships or being nervous to let them see the real you. You already know each other. They already know your favorite movies, candy and flowers.
  2. You can be yourselves around each other. No more stressing about wearing no makeup or sweats for the first time in front of them. They have seen you in you favorite pajamas from high school and like you the same. You no longer have to worry about if you should just eat the ice cream straight from the carton.
  3. Chances are they have seen you at your worst. They have heard you vent about your most hated coworker. They have probably been there to care for you when you had the flu or drank too much.
  4. You may have already met the parents. Introducing a new person to your parents can be the most stressful thing. You want them to like each other and get along. If it’s your best friend no more worries, you parents probably already like them.
  5. There is no awkward first date where you get asked a million questions to get to know each other and wonder if there is some secretly weird thing about them. You each know all the answers and have already accepted each other’s quirks to be a part of who you are.
  6. You have already gained each other’s trust and loyalty. You have been friends for awhile and been through life together. You have there for one another through thick and thin and will continue to be.
  7. Much like parents, you want your friends to appreciate the person you are with just as much as you do. There is high probability they have already met and love him or her. That person may already be in your friend group. No worrying about friends approval and having to prove that they are a good person.

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