Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco Dishes Possible Collaborations, New Year’s Resolution and Setting Himself on Fire

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Panic! At The Disco has produced their fifth studio album, Death of a Bachelor, scheduled to hit shelves in less than two weeks. When I caught up with lead vocalist Brendon Urie at Electric 94.9’s Acoustic Christmas, I asked him whom he didn’t have the chance to collaborate with on their upcoming album that he’d like to work with in the future.

“I really want to work with a couple of female artists. Halsey’s one that I’m a really big fan of, I think she’s uber talented. Tori Kelly, we’re actually playing with tonight, and I just heard her singing coming into this room, and she’s a phenomenal singer and talented songwriter, too. I’d like to try those two first.”

The award-winning group will be touring in 2016 to promote their album, and the “Hallelujah!” singer shared some booming ideas he has up his sleeve, that would definitely surprise fans to see.

“I’ve actually been talking a lot about production ideas for tour specifically, things I want to do onstage like set myself on fire and shoot myself out of a cannon. So, these are things that I think are feasible, I don’t know how possible it’s going to be, but I’m working on it. I think it’s going to be good.”

With countless stops on the tour, I was curious as to how he plans on avoiding burnout during the tour.

“We’re a pretty fun crew. We all get along really well, so it’s really nice to click with people and just kind of make it fun. But, honestly, meeting fans is kind of cool, it kind of breaks up some of the monotony.”

During his free time on tour, it looks like Brendon may be hitting up the gym to achieve his New Year’s resolution.

“I want to look like Dwayne Johnson, I want to get big. I want to look like The Rock.”

Panic! At The Disco’s album, Death of a Bachelor, drops January 15. For tour dates, visit the group’s site at

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