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Easy New Years Resolutions for Better Skin

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Every year we may or may not create a list of New Years Resolutions that we never follow through on.  Some may be too far-fetched and or hard to attain, and others we simply do not have the energy to do.  As we get older taking care of your skin is one of the best habits to get into.  Not all of us can age like JLo aka backwards, but why not try?  Here are some easy habits that will be a life save for your skin in 2016.

Drink More Water

If you live in a dryer climate your skin will be drier then most.  In the winter time especially the air tends to make the face a bit chapped.  Drinking more water not only has a million health benefits, but it also helps the skin to stay more supple.

Use an Exfoliator/Scrub

There are layers and layers of dead skin cells that build up on the face.  The only way to allow the new skin cells to reach the surface is by exfoliating the dead ones off.  Cell turnover is so important for younger looking skin, and can also help with cystic acne. Whether you are acne prone, sensitive, or normal there are several exfoliators and or scrubs targeted to fit your needs.

Find the right moisturizer (and use it)

Many people still use their body lotion on the face, which although most of the time is not harmful, is also not ideal.  It’s important to figure out your skin type, and choose a facial moisturizer based upon that.  Also, if you are oily it does not mean your skin does not indeed need moisture.  In many cases an over production of oil is actually a compensation for skin that has a lack of that same moisture.  Adding oil (and or moisturizer) can help with the production of oil later on in the day.  Another note to take into consideration is that less is more when it comes to quality face moisturizer.

Don’t forget all Parts of the Body

There are certain areas of the body that we often forget to moisturize.  For me personally my hands, feet, neck, and chest often slip my mind.  They aren’t areas that ever seem particular parched so I often glance over them.  Make sure to give all areas of the body attention to prevent aging signs.

Sheet Mask Once in a While

There is a sheet mask targeting every concern out there, and the best part is they are so easy!  Just open one up, place it on your face, and go about with whatever task you were doing (granted you don’t leave your home).  Most only have to be kept on for 10-15 minutes, and they can really transform the way your face feels and how makeup sits on it.  Also, they are quite affordable and a great gift to give.

Never Pick at Your Face

This is a bad habit that can change the face for years to come.  The skin on our face is ultra sensitive, and any picking can cause scars that you live with forever.  Often they aren’t super noticeable, and appear to be broken capillaries.  Either way as hard as it is to let that pimple sit there, use a spot treatment to get rid of it rather than forcing it out.

Whether you are male or female all of these tips will help you achieve a younger, healthier face this New Year.  All without cutting too much time into your normal routine.  These are definitely resolutions that won’t be hard to keep.




Kay Broch is a LA based Makeup Artist, with an obsession of all things beauty. As a Midwestern girl who always stood out for being different and "eccentric," she has thrived in the land that is California. Her comical approach to life has translated into her artistry both in beauty and writing. With a love of education she thrives to teach readers through her experiences, in hopes of helping anyone feel wonderous in their own beautiful skin. Follow me on Instagram @kbrochmakemeup

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