The 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith

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When it comes to luxury vehicles, Rolls Royce has consistently raise the bar for people who love performance, quality and a number of bells and whistles. In this regard, one could say that the 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith has continued the legacy of this high standard, as people who make this purchase will be pleasantly surprised with what’s under the hood, on the body and inside the cab of this luxury vehicle. If you want to take a quick look into this luxury vehicle and what a buyer can expect from it, read on and consider these points.


Price Points And Options

Any car buyer will look to the price first to decide if the vehicles were the investment. This Rolls-Royce vehicle has an MSRP sticker price of approximately $304,000. This will depend on the model and trim that they go with and whether or not they decide to opt for any extras that would drive the price of even more.

A Quick Glance At The Body And Trim Options

This vehicle exudes class and grace with its large and sleek body. It features a flat grill with chrome fixtures that pop out. You will also notice that this Rolls-Royce features back opening doors, which has become a trademark of sorts for the manufacturer. This differs from the suicide doors that some people have come to expect from different models. Where this vehicle really signs is the color options — there are more than 20 available. Some examples include darkest tungsten, black kirsch, ensign red, jubilee silver, diamond white and English white. In addition to these colors, a buyer can get it into a fully customize add-on that make the body pop.

The Performance Of the 2016 Rolls Royce Wraith

Aside from aesthetics, it is incredibly important to key in on the performance and physical specifications of how the vehicle actually runs. The body is incredibly long, spanning 17 feet. It features a 6.6 L engine with turbo boosters. It is a V-12 model that has a sizzling 624 hp. It weighs more than 5000 pounds, but gets excellent performance for a vehicle of this size and weight. In fact, it features a top speed of approximately 155 mph. It can even hit 60 mph in about 4.4 seconds. In terms of you will get about 13 miles per gallon fuel economy, in the city and approximately 24 miles per gallon on the highway.

The manufacturer also offers a number of maintenance and service plans that will keep it running in terms of water changes, transmission maintenance, tire rotations, engine tuneups and more.

An Idea Of How This Vehicle Rides

Reviews have shown that this vehicle gives excellent performance and provides a smooth ride. It receives high marks for steering and handling, in addition to the interior comfort. This means that all passengers and drivers alike will enjoy the ride and will be able to appreciate it. It also features excellent driver safety ratings.

This review makes it clear that this vehicle is yet another offering in life from Rolls Royce that allows people to enjoy the luxury and charm that they have come to expect over the years. There are a lot of nifty perks that a person would enjoy with this vehicle, and any serious car buyer should always begin with the specifications. These specs are glowing and indicate why Rolls Royce is still the cream of the crop in the auto world.



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