10 Effective Methods To Remove Wrinkles from your Face

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The basic and most common skin problems are as a result of our doings. The skin is always faithful to us. What we subject our skin to will determine the kind of skin we get. There is, however, the aging factor. As we get old, the skin will lose its shape, and there will be increased wrinkles, aging signs, fault lines and signs of fatigue. The skin loses a lot of moisture and elasticity making it susceptible to wrinkling. There is also the reduction in skin renewal and repair which has a significant effect on how our skin will look as we grow old. There are some known ways through which you can reduce or slow down the aging process and control the growth of wrinkles on your skin. Below are some natural and effective ways in which you can take care of your skin.


1) Never blame the wrinkles on your genes

The greatest percentages of people suffering from skin wrinkles blame it on their genes. It is true that genes contribute to some extent to the way your skin ages. Research, however, shows that genes account only for thirty percentage of the skin conditions. It is, therefore, a dangerous fallacy to deceive oneself that wrinkles on your skin occur due to genetic effects. The primary cause of wrinkles issue is a lifestyle.


2) Protect your skin from the sun

There is enough evidence that shows that the sun is one of the main causes of gene mutations. Skin that has not been extensively exposed to sunlight may have up to 3500 mutations that if way below have that are common in skins that have been significantly exposed to direct sunlight. Use of sunscreen creams to protect the skin cells from mutation and cancer is a good way to protect the skin from wrinkles.


3) Eat, drink and slather antioxidants

When the skin absorbs UV rays, free radicles are formed in the body. These free radicals are the primary cause of DNA mutations that cause skin aging and wrinkles. You can prevent the effect of these radicles by use of antioxidants. You can defend your skin from mutations caused by UV rays by eating foods that are rich in antioxidants. Better still you can use good moisturizers that contain these antioxidants.


4) Massage your face with Omega-3

Omega 3 products are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. These are essential for promoting the repair of skin cells. Omega 3 oils work wonders in protecting the skin from losing its shape. They are also important in moisturizing the skin and keeping the cells stretched to maintain the skin in good condition.


5) Splash cold water on your face

 It is a good thing to make washing your face with cold water a morning routine. It helps in removing the dirt in the skin and helping relax the skin cells. Using cold water on your face helps regenerate the dermal membrane. It is also important to use cold water on the skin before you apply the most effective wrinkle creams.


6) Wear sunglasses regularly

Wearing sunglasses, especially during the scorching sun, will greatly help you protect your skin from the risk of early development of wrinkles. When there is intense light, you may struggle a lot to see. It leads to squinting; that is a primary cause of facial wrinkles. Using sunglasses will help you from squinting and help you see things better.


7) Sleep on your back

The posture of sleeping is significant problems especially to people that do not pay attention to the nature of pillow cases that they use. Hard pillows and pillow cases may lead to a lot sleeping lines. These lines with directly contribute to the growth of wrinkles and fault lines. It is, therefore, advisable to sleep in on your back to protect your face from many skin lines that can lead to the growth of wrinkles.


8) Stop smoking

At the beginning of this article, we said that a lot of wrinkles on the skin may be caused by lifestyle and not by genes. Well, smoking is a major habit that has a significant adverse effect on the skin. Most smokers and especially chain smokers will show immense signs of aging and wrinkles as compared to non-smokers. Smoking is associated with damaging of collagen that is necessary for maintaining skin shape and texture. Smokers will also squint which we have said may directly contribute to wrinkling.


9) Control your facial expressions

A lot of creases will accompany radical expressions that show and are clearly animated on the face. Due to the significant repetition of these facial expressions and the formation of the ridges, it may lead to the development of wrinkles and fault lines along the crease lines. Some of the major facial expressions that you need to do away with include raising eyebrows, squinting and frowning. Remember that the power of a genuine smile on the face is more than that of best wrinkle creams in controlling wrinkles.


10) Be happy

According to research done on twins, it is clear that being happy helps keep wrinkles away. It was seen when the nature of wrinkles on twin one who was on antidepressants and the other was off was assessed. People that are happy show slow signs of aging and formation of wrinkles. It is also believed that those that are happy tend to worry less about wrinkles making them look better than those that are depressed.



 The best way of taking caring of the skin and keeping wrinkles away is by living healthy. Most of the major causes of wrinkles are in our lifestyle. Even best moisturizers cannot help get rid of wrinkles if you do not take good care of your skin.

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