2016 top super yacht

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Living a life of luxury is pretty glamorous, especially when you can spend your time floating in the sea, soaking up the sun on a luxury yacht. Also known as super yachts, luxury yachts are privately owned fully crewed ships that can travel the world. Learn about one of the best yachts to own, The Azzam.

It’s a lot of people’s dream to live a life of luxury. Making millions of dollars and spending hours on a beautiful yacht soaking up the sun in the middle of the Caribbean. Super yachts are privately owned, longer than 24 metres or 79 feet and the best way to soak up the sun while travelling around the globe. The Azzam Yacht is one of the best luxury yachts available.


She is the largest yacht in the world at 180 metres or about 600 feet long. She can get up to speed of almost 30 knots an hour. Azzam can travel fast even in warm shallow waters. She was built by Lurssen Yachts and designed by Nauta Design and Christophe Leoni.


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