6 Worst Things About Valentine’s Day

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Somewhere between munching on leftover holiday treats and waiting for the first winter snowstorm, the month of January has passed right on by.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a reminder as to why this all out lovefest is totally overrated.  Let the bashing begin!

  1. A Spike in PDA

To begin with public displays of affection (on a grand scale) are never okay.  We’ve come to agree on this over the years.  Generally speaking, tongue-tying is forbidden in front of friends, colleagues and family – unless of course you’re three tequila shots deep.  However, couples treat Valentine’s Day as a time to publically release all of their pent-up sexual frustration.  Handholding, check.  Bum pinching, check.  Aggressive tongue-tying, check.  Get a room you filthy animals.

  1. A Resolution Game Changer

Up until now, you’re killing your resolution.  You’ve taken over the motto: new year, new you and you refuse to give in.  You’re determined to be the exception, the only one of your squad to stick with the action plan for more than a couple of weeks.  You’re hitting the gym (pssst: there’s no harm in taking a slow cruise by the weight room), snacking on veggies and fighting a dry month.  And then February rolls around and along with it the staples of Valentine’s Day: chocolate treats, celebratory dinners and bottles of champagne.  Busted.

  1. V for Valentine’s?

Talk about expectations.  Let’s get real; V doesn’t just stand for Valentine’s.  Maybe you’re a few dates in, still in the “getting to know you” stage and all of a sudden you’re blasted with hearts on hearts on hearts.  How exactly are you expected to celebrate the holiday?  A word of advice, make sure that you’re both on the same page when it comes to spending the day together.  Don’t feel pressure to buy an extravagant gift, advance your sexual relationship or say L-O-V-E for the first time.  Note to you: nobody likes a cliché.

  1. Excuses, Excuses

All the glitter and glam of Valentine’s Day, the holiday serves as an excuse for couples not to celebrate their love throughout the whole year.  Has life got so much in the way that we need an annual romance reminder?  Small gestures of appreciation should be an all around, all the time thing.  Step up your game when it comes to sharing kind words and special moments.

  1. Money Grab

For most of us, we’re still hurting from all of the year-end expenses.  Valentine’s Day is a big old money grab, rooted in commercialism and helped along by over-the-top marketing campaigns; the “perfect way to celebrate” is completely manufactured.  Yet, we don’t have a problem breaking our budget to validate our relationship.  Save your money by choosing to celebrate differently this year.  A DIY project, thoughtfully written card or simply scheduling time together will be sure to put the same smile on your partner’s face.

  1. It’s a Double Standard Kind of Thing

For all of those single and loving life, the celebration ends with a remix of Queen Bey’s anthem, “Single Ladies”.  While there is a National Singles Day, there is also a National Cat Lady Day – hardly seems fair.  What’s a single lady got to do to get a cinnamon heart candy?  As with every other existing double standard, we tend to just deal with it.  But trust that I’ll secretly be celebrating my single status each and every day this year with a single glass of fine wine.

And without further ado, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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