Beauty Tips by Julia Faye West

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Julia Faye West is more than just a pretty face.

In addition to being a producer and model, this Hollywood beauty is also a successful film and TV actress. Hailing from Milwaukee, this Midwest beauty is now living the LA dream. Here, West shares her top secrets for looking and feeling good, wherever your dreams may take you.

What is the one beauty product you can always find in your bag?

Mascara! I love black mascara since I have blonde eyelashes, and nothing makes my lashes look longer than “Better than Sex Mascara” by Too Faced.

When traveling, how do you decide what to bring in your makeup travel bag?

I take everything! I bring my favorite daily staples plus some extras to be camera ready. I’ve learned how to travel light by putting my favorite products in small, travel-sized containers.

What product can you never have too much of?

Self-tanner and bronzer! I stay out of the sun to protect my skin so I’m always using self-tanner and bronzer so I have that healthy summer glow.

What beauty secret have you learned while being on set?

I love the HD line by Makeup Forever, which is made specifically to make skin flawless in front of high definition cameras.

What is the craziest beauty treatment you’ve tried?

I put oxygen gel all over my face and body, which is basically just oxygen in olive oil. It’s great for all skin issues and can even be used as deodorant. It’s also

a good treatment for gingivitis and helps heal rashes, bug bites, small wounds, and acne. I call it my “everything treatment.”

What should every woman try at least once in her life?

One month of red light therapy – it helps with fine lines, freckles, and it’s even a mood booster.

Which beauty product do you think is worth treating yourself to?

Every woman should have a very high-end perfume that she claims as her signature scent.

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