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Guys, as a woman who works as a matchmaker, I can tell you to never rule out the chance at dating a model or a celebrity.   Don’t think of them as unattainable, they’re human like me or you.  They have needs and wants, hopes and dreams.  Think of them as the woman at Starbucks who’s getting a drink before work or the woman walking down the street walking her dog.   She might be with her girlfriends out on the town.  At the end of the night, she’s still just like any other woman you’ve dated, just better known. 


 That means there’s always a chance at running into the woman of your dreams.  She doesn’t live on a far away land or exist purely on a screen.  She’s around the corner and you just need to bump into her.  Say hello to that girl getting coffee, she might turn out to be a Maxim model.  You might not know it at first, but  you’re going to swap Instagram handles and you’re going to see her latest spread or photos of her on set.  It’ll take you a minute and you’ll say, “No? Is that her? No!?” Then you realize that’s why she has 30,000 followers. At that point you’ll start to freak out and start to doubt yourself.  Don’t!  Be yourself, be confident.  She digs you enough to go past that initial hello, go the distance!  All of a sudden you’re in a relationship with a gorgeous, well known woman.

 Let’s back that thought up a moment.  Before you even meet your leading lady, you’re going to need these 12 pointers on how to not only start strike up a conversation but how to be you at your best so she sees you at your best.

1) don’t: do not start out by telling her how hot she is. She hears this all day, everyday from men trying to pick her up. It’s not special and won’t impress her.

Do: Instead find a common interest to talk about. Maybe a hobby, restaurant, movie, etc. be witty, funny and make smart, interesting conversation.

2) don’t: social media: don’t use social media to pick up a girl. It’s so redundant and every guy tries to do that. Once again, we get bombarded with messages on social media. We ignore most especially that start out with: “hey, you’re hot. What’s up. What are you up to.”

We don’t know you and aren’t going to respond to personal questions from some stranger. Additionally, if all you do is hang out on social media, it makes us think you have no job and have nothing better to do but stalk people. Do yourself a favor and don’t post more selfies than a girl. It’s just weird when a guy posts selfies in general but especially if it’s on a daily basis. Once again it looks like you have nothing else going on but looking in the mirror taking selfies all day. Unless you’re a model and it’s your business to post face and body parts, just don’t do it.

Do: do post about your business to promote your work and throw in pictures of your social life attending certain events such charities, sports events, etc. it’ll show you have interests beyond your own mug shots or food pix. Hint: Having others take pictures of you instead of selfies so it looks like you actually have friends.

3) don’t: if you got lucky and she accepted your date, whatever you do, don’t talk about your ex and what a b*tch she was. It makes you look bitter and that you’re not over her.

Do: if the ex convo does come up, say that you both learned from your experience and you now know what you do and don’t want. Be the bigger person and be positive.

4) do: have confidence but don’t be a self absorbed jerk. When dating a beautiful woman, no matter if she’s a celeb or not, it’s inevitable she’ll get lots of attention from the opposite sex.

Don’t: throw jealous tantrums, check her phone, text messages, emails or stalk social media. It’ll be the death of you. She will loose respect and start thinking that maybe there is better out there since you act like there is. Your behavior will determine your future dates and potentially taking it to the next level. Nobody wants an overly jealous, insecure, whiny brat. If you can’t change it don’t whine about it. Move on.

5) don’t: don’t involve your friends and family in every detail of your dating life. Friends could be jealous of you dating a hot model and might throw in negative comments.

Do: keep your personal life private.

6) don’t: be lazy, still living at your mom’s house, driving daddy’s car and having no job.

Do: have drive, educate yourself, work hard, keep your mind and body healthy, have something to offer as far as education, stability and personality is concerned.

7) dont: be a Debbie downer and complain about her busy schedule. She’s an independent, accomplished woman and wants someone equal in her life.

Do: Be positive and encouraging.

8) do: find out how you can bring value to her life. Beautiful women have tons of options. Make sure you can improve her life and she will want to have you in her life. Some things of value to bring to her life are: Happiness, partnership, security, friendship.

Don’t: think about what she can do for you. Think about what you can do for her.

Above all, be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. In the end, it’ll come out and you’ll be left at the curb.

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